August 2017

Another week in the Trump presidency winds down – and like most of the previous ones, it is well called the ‘his worst week’ yet. Trump is a man celebrated for his faults – so steeped in wickedness and disregard for humanity that it takes great endurance to wade through his failings and pick his worst. But let’s proffer callousness as a candidate for the title.

On Tuesday, from the gilded lobby of a gaudy tower, he shook off the bonds of decency and disparaged anti-bigotry protesters as occupying the same moral low-ground as neo-nazis. He found rectitude in the ranks of white supremacists and saw ‘fine people’ among torch-bearing fascists.

And just in case he couldn’t elevate the deplorables to acceptability he attempted to paint those who stood up to hate as equally culpable – and just as brutishly mindless. In his reckoning, he was making some thoughtful point about the tides of history and cultural sensitivity. But all he did was regurgitate the same specious arguments the far-right has always used to justify its abhorrent incivility.

It didn’t occur to him that in his false equivalency he reduced Heather Heyer – the woman killed in Charlottesville – to a type. She stood up to bigotry, but Trump painted her as just another violent nihilist. She was the victim of terrorism – murdered by the indiscriminate actions of a homicidal loser. But Trump couldn’t see her as a person.

Let Ms. Heyer’s mother, Susan Bro, speak: “I saw an actual clip of him at a press conference equating the protesters like Ms. Heyer with the K.K.K. and the white supremacists.” Adding, on reflection of Trump’s attempts at condolence, “You can’t wash this one away by shaking my hand and saying ‘I’m sorry’. I’m not forgiving for that.”

Trump’s administration reflected his thoughtless incompetence – calling Ms. Bro during her daughter’s funeral to schedule a telephone conversation with Trump. Such disdain for other people’s feelings boggles the mind.  

Asked what she would say to the President, Susan Bro offered Trump a practical and profound piece of advice, “Think before you speak”. It is advice he will not take. He cannot see people. He can only see saps and suckers – victims and losers. His only calculation is: Are you of use to him? And Heather Heyer was of no use to him. Or at least of less use than the bigots.


The Far Right Embraces a Sinking President – And Vice Versa.

August 17, 2017

The white right has claimed that Confederate statues are nothing more than cultural symbols. That to tear them down is to deny history or at least revise it. They maintain the fiction that the civil war was a fight for states rights  – and not to preserve slavery. A claim the southern states themselves repudiated […]

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Trump Speaks from the Heart – and the World Hears the Evil.

August 15, 2017

Trump loves Nazis. In his initial comments, he blamed the violence in Charlottesville on ‘many sides’. It took two days – and a whole lot of criticism – for him to condemn neo-nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK by name. And even then, while he said the required words, his heart wasn’t in it. Then […]

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What Trump Did on His Summer Vacation (So Far).

August 11, 2017

In the news this week, one crazy haired madman, with his finger on the nuclear trigger, dared another crazy haired madman to fire his missiles. The threat came with Wagnerian Gotterdammerung as Trump warned Kim Jong-un that there would be ‘fire and fury‘ because America was ‘locked and loaded‘. Is his script written by the NRA […]

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Trump Declares a National Opioid Emergency. Now What?

August 10, 2017

Donald Trump declared opioids a national health emergency – but did so two days after his Secretary of HHS said that it was premature to do so. An administration about-face which raises questions about Trump’s sincerity – if Trump’s lack of follow through on everything wasn’t already enough to cause doubt. Add in the fact that […]

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Really? – 8.6.17 – NRA threats; Fox’s Weiner; Medvedev Has His Fun; Pence the Sanctimonious Git; Gingrich Racist.

August 6, 2017

You know the NRA is nervous. They wheeled out Dana Loesch to make a hysterical (in any sense you want) video threatening the NY Times that the NRA is “coming for you”. The apocalyptic message lost some of its sting when a debate erupted over whether Loesch claimed she would ‘fisk’ or ‘fist’ the Times (look it up). […]

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Trump Claims He’s ‘Working’. I Suppose He Has to Start Sometime.

August 5, 2017

Trump is on vacation – ignoring his promise to serve a vacation-free presidency.  A commitment he made as he said he would have ‘too much to do’. Plus he has boundless energy. And he’s the fittest man ever to be President. Also lost in the weeds is his demand that the Senate match his stick-to-it […]

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Can John Kelly Tame Trump?

August 2, 2017

With jut-jawed, steel-spined, 4-star, Marine General John Kelly as the new Chief of Staff, the inmates expect order will be restored to the asylum. With mealy-mouthed Reince dispatched, slippery Sean Spicer on to the next thing, and the volcanically foul Scaramucci smacked back to New York’s mean streets, discipline and morale will again roost in the […]

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Before Trump Crazy There Was Bachmann Crazy

August 1, 2017

Donald Trump is so good at crazy that it is easy to forget that before him there were world class nuts. One of the best was Michele Bachmann. And she’s still slinging it. Her latest crusade is against the City of Minneapolis for setting up a hotline allowing residents to report hate crimes, including “any crime against […]

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