October 2017

Like every politician, Trump made extravagant promises. And like every politician he failed to deliver on all he promised. But Trump’s promises were more extravagant, and his failures more thorough, than the standard huckster’s pattern. So egregious, in fact, that his duplicity is in Bernie Madoff’s neighborhood.

But the man, whose greatest achievement is whining, has a different story. In his tweeting, he highlights “the rapid terminations by me of TPP & The Paris Accord & the fast approvals of The Keystone XL & Dakota Access pipelines. Also, look at the recent EPA cancelations & our great new Supreme Court Justice!

Is he truly the political titan of his mind’s eye? Hardly. He’s patting himself on the back for tearing things down, signing other things and filling a vacancy by bending the rules. A vacancy that existed only because of someone else’s efforts.

Not brilliant. Any idiot can do things when he doesn’t need anyone else’s agreement. It’s convincing Congress to enact policy that separates the great Presidents from the mere placeholders. And when it comes to legislative victories Trump has named a lot Post Offices, but on the big stuff – zilch.

Take healthcare. What’s his grade? Dismal. An ‘F’ is deserved – but let’s give him an incomplete. He promised better, cheaper, universal coverage, but no Republican plan has come anywhere near that goal. He has dented Obamacare by executive fiat. But has created no replacement – not even a bad one. The House came up with something harmful, while desperately hoping the Senate would palliate the pain. But the Senate couldn’t hold up their end of the flimflam.

On taxes, there has been grandiloquence but no action. Trump has promised the biggest, the best – a gilded chicken in every pot – fiscal heaven. But there is no plan – just complaints about how much the rich are suffering. Leaving aside the facile fiction of Trump’s words, it is not even guaranteed that the Senate will be able to pass a procedural resolution allowing the debate to continue with a simple majority.

And then there’s the wall. Congressional Republicans promised him some sofa change and punted consideration to some unspecified date. Everybody knows the Mexicans are not going to pay for it. And even Trump has stopped talking about it.

Infrastructure? That’s going even worse than the wall. And it’s the one thing the Democrats are on board with.

So what’s next? He decertified the Iran deal. And is threatening to repeal NAFTA. So it’s just more of the same nihilism promoted as achievement. To paraphrase Churchill: “Never have so many tweets, promoted so much fiction, to celebrate so little accomplishment.


Harvey Abused Women. Hillary Didn’t.

October 12, 2017

Hillary Clinton has become a villain to some in the Harvey Weinstein affair. Her ‘sin’ was taking money from a man she ‘must’ have known was a serial sexual abuser.  It is not surprising that conservatives are piling on – they blame her for bad weather. But the media types, and others who ought to know […]

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A Satanist Argues that a Government-Free Abortion Is Her God-Granted Right.

October 9, 2017

The loudest voices for ‘freedom of religion’ in the US are white conservative Christians. Typically, these same folks also claim that America was founded as a Judeo/Christian nation. Revealing that  ‘freedom’ is not their object  —  establishing a Christianity theocracy is. Which makes the case of a Missouri Satanic Temple member so compelling. Here’s a woman, known only as […]

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Rick Santorum Blames Gun Violence on Video Games.

October 8, 2017

You can rely on the pro-life crowd to be most vocal in support of gun rights. Apparently, a dot of cells has value, but country music fans are on their own. Dead? Well, that’s a small price to pay for freedom. And no one is second to Rick Santorum in this hypocrisy. Like the rest of the gun […]

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Michigan Rapist Gets Joint Custody of Child.

October 7, 2017

Raped and impregnated at 12, she must now permit her rapist to visit her child. If you thought this was a story out of Pakistan or some other Islamic theocracy you would be forgiven your error. Surely this cannot happen in America — in 2017? Apparently, it can. As reported in the Detroit News: A Sanilac County Circuit […]

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“The Wheels Are Coming off”, Carl Bernstein Reviews the Trump Administration

October 6, 2017

No one knows more about presidencies in failure than Carl Bernstein. He was the diarist as Nixon drank, swore and covered-up, on his way down in ignominy. Now he has called out the Trump administration as being in the same kind of free fall. Appearing on CNN’s New Day, “What there is a sense of, people I talk […]

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The Gun Zealots Said “Nothing Can Be Done”. But Las Vegas Might Prove Them Wrong.

October 5, 2017

When terrorists hijacked four planes on 9/11, America didn’t moan: “What can we do? Terrorists will always be able to hijack planes”. No, we reinforced cockpit doors and made people stand in lines for hours. The cockpit doors was a good idea. Interminable lines may have been an overreaction. So be it. We can work […]

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“Too Soon”: McConnell Sticks to the NRA’s Playbook

October 3, 2017

“Too soon” — it’s the GOP boilerplate reaction to every gun massacre. “We can’t talk about it about it yet”. “Let’s not politicize this issue”. It’s the upturned palm in the face —  rule number one in the craven politician’s playbook. Delay, delay, delay — in hopes it will all blow over. Mitch McConnell wasted little […]

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Las Vegas. Another Massacre. More Prayers. No Action.

October 2, 2017

Fifty-nine people are killed in Las Vegas – 527 wounded. And politicians from right to far-right are “thoughts & prayers” all over social media. And that’s all you’ll get. There will be nothing done to prevent another massacre – not even a conversation about what to do. “There’s a time and place for a political debate, […]

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