She’ll never see six.

Fidel Rodriguez Canchola, 34, thought it would be fun to shoot a gun across his yard to celebrate the New Year. A 5-year-old girl walked through his field of fire – and was shot dead. This doesn’t happen in the rest of the civilized world. But then the rest of the civilized world doesn’t fetishize guns. Nor does it have an organization so immoral it places the welfare of gun manufacturers above that of the citizens.

Here we go again.

As I write this, the year is 20 hours old. Already 29 people have been shot dead in America. Gun nuts want more guns. Gunsense wants more gun laws. But what must be done is change the culture. We can’t accept death as dispute resolution.


The NRA’s moral stain.

Bryan Silk, during a night of weed, alcohol, and horseplay, accidentally shot and killed his cousin. The NRA did not put the gun Bryant Silk’s hand. But they still own the death. Other countries have high gun ownership rates without the concomitant high rate of gun deaths.

The difference is the NRA’s monomania over gun rights – combined with their complete disregard of gun responsibilities. They have created a cowboy culture where everything goes – let the chips fall where they may.

The insanity of gun nuts.

Gun absolutists live in an ‘us vs. them’ world. Any deflection from pure gun orthodoxy is a precursor to a gun grab and complete disarming of American patriots. No one was second to Portland Press Herald (Maine) columnist M.D. Harmon in his expansive interpretation of the second amendment.

In fairness, he did the draw the line at allowing criminals and the insane to own guns. However, if you met his standards for ownership, there was to be no bar to possession. He even thought mandatory gun safety training was tyranny.

This Wednesday he had visitors at his home – a father and his 17-year-old son. Harmon had given the teen a gun to inspect. It fired and Harmon was killed.

A call for common-sense in gun ownership is not a denial of civil rights. A point which the majority of gun owners understand. But extremism and sanity are rarely room-mates.





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