Donald Trump is out-of-control, destructive, counterproductive and incompetent. Congressional Republicans don’t care. But the judiciary is still taking its responsibilities seriously. And Trump doesn’t like it. He tweeted that judges are putting the country in peril. That if something happens it’ll be on the judges’ heads. That ‘people’ are pouring in. It is the usual asinine rantings of a damaged mind.

It is now so bad that even his nominee for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, thinks it’s crap. He called Trump’s actions “disheartening” and “demoralizing”.

I hope the result is that judges stiffen their spine – and not cave into this unconstitutional bullying.

Perhaps this might inspire them:

Talking about bullying, in a meeting with sheriffs, Trump promised to ‘destroy’ the career of a Texas State Senator who wanted to reform civil asset forfeiture laws. A Pennsylvania State Senator, Daylin Leach, tweeted some words of support for this member of his tribe. To whit:

Is that Trump bleeding from ‘wherever’?

Jeff Sessions was confirmed as US Attorney General. In the process, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was censored and shut down by Mitch McConnell and the good old boys as she attempted to read a letter Coretta Scott King had written in 1986. A letter in which Mrs. King had expressed her discussed at Sessions’ racism. A sin that disqualified him then – but today is no biggie.

McConnell’s description of the event has been ridiculed as clueless, sexist and patronizing. To whit:

If McConnell thinks that an abashed Warren will slink back to the kitchen ……

Comedy of Errors: Trump placed a 3 am call to his National Security Advisor to ask if a weak dollar was good or bad for the economy. Mike Flynn replied it wasn’t his area of expertise – and suggested that Trump call an economist. It is pathetic. It’s not a yes or no question – something any Macroeconomics 101 student could tell you. And he ought to know who’s responsible for what in his administration.

Andy Borowitz keeps churning out delicious little satires. Today’s offering: Devos Comes in Contact With Book For the Very First Time.








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