Donald Trump has proved to be the ‘snowflake in chief’. Tired of being subjected to fact-based spankings he first criticized the media as ‘fake’, then allowed (instructed?) Sean Spicer to ban selected media outlets from the ‘gaggle’ – and, in a final tantrum, tweeted he wouldn’t be attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Explaining this cut and run with an odd analogy, an assistant White House propagandist suggested that Trump was the metaphorical victim of a child’s prank. On ABC’s ‘This Week Today”, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (daughter of Christian intellectual, Mike Huckabee) asked“If a Girl Scout egged your house, would you buy cookies from her?”. It seems that in Trump’s paranoid dystopia, even the forces of moral elevation have been perverted to liberal activism.

Trump is not alone in his cowardice. Multiple Republican office holders have decided they have better things to do than listen to their constituents. They will not admit their positions suck. In their reckoning, anyone who protests their policies must have been paid to do so. At least that’s what they bleat to the remaining true believers.

Let Marco Rubio explain. He refuses to have town halls because people, “heckle and scream at me” – poor baby. Louie Gohmert – a perennial contender for Congress’s dumbest representative – went further. He won’t hold public meetings because “Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot at a public appearance, ” and besides he says they are unnecessary because his constituents know where he stands on the issues.

There’s so much wrong with that. First, Gohmert peddles his politics in Texas – and as Texans are all armed, isn’t he protected? Second, town halls are a place for constituents to express their opinions, not just listen to the incumbent. Third, and I’ll let Gabby Giffords speak here: “To the politicians who have abandoned their civic obligations, I say this: Have some courage. Face your constituents. Hold town halls.”

Bernie Sanders concurred: “If you don’t have the guts to face your constituents, then you shouldn’t be in the United States Congress.”

Some Republican politicos are aware that their team looks cowardly – Chris Christie for instance. His dismal presidential campaign and subsequent promotion to Trump’s ‘boy Friday’ may have emasculated him on the national stage. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots in spit-flecked, in your face, local retail politics. As he pithily puts it, “You asked for the job. Go do it”.

Enough of republican cowardice, let’s return to Trump and his weird war with the New York Times. He has tweeted 53 times (somebody does count these things) that his nemesis is failing. Ironically, every time he tweets that, the NYT picks up subscribers. In fact, the paper is turning a profit as even its hard copy sales are increasing.

If Trump really cared about America he should change his slogan to “Make America Fail Again”, not just because his pedictions of failure are so dismally wrong – but because the usual result of his backing a venture is that it goes out of business – often via bankruptcy.



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