Trump’s Desperate Healthcare Play

March 22, 2017

Donald Trump is betting that his healthcare measure is the cure for all that ails him. And he needs something. Despite the administration’s denial that there was any ‘there, there’ in the Russian thing James Comey confirmed that the FBI was investigating the Russia/election/Trump brouhaha. Comey salted the wound by dismissing Trump’s Obama wiretapping nonsense. Trump […]

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Really? 3.19.17 Trump’s Approval Goes From Bad to Worse & Some Other Stuff.

March 19, 2017

Donald Trump’s approval rating falls to a new low – 37%. Does he have a floor? (h/t The Hill) Tim Allen complains that being a liberal in Hollywood is like living in Nazi Germany. Is that the Nazi Germany where ‘enemies of the state’ earn $1.25 million per episode to make a sitcom? Sure, Hollywood […]

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Really? 3.18.17 – Trump Disses Merkel & Some Other Nonsense.

March 18, 2017

Donald Trump met with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. It didn’t go well. He intimated that he and Merkel had “something in common” because Barack Obama had wiretapped them both. A lie so brazen even Congressional Republicans think it’s absurd. He failed to be a gracious host. When Merkel suggested they shake hands, Trump responded by sitting in his chair, staring […]

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Really? – 3.17.17 Sean Spicer Pisses Off the Brits & More Silliness.

March 17, 2017

On Thursday Sean Spicer claimed that British intelligence had helped Obama spy on Trump. His source? Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News pundit. The British were understandably peeved. To salve the wounds caused by Spicer’s intemperate remarks an administration official announced that Spicer and National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, had offered an apology to the aggrieved British. And that […]

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Trump’s Tax Return: Did a Tree Obscure the Forest?

March 15, 2017

Rachael Maddow is not known for the cheap theatrics that typically come gratis with the hyperbolic sort of political commentator. But she joined her fellow pundits in the cesspool of click bait publicity with an overhyped release of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return. Noise was made. But the promise of a bombshell was no more honest than the cover of […]

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How Religion Uses Hate to Make Money

March 12, 2017

Years ago I went to rural Ohio years ago because my girlfriend’s family lived there. It depressed me. It was flat, and there were holes in the stop signs that someone told me were bullet holes. It was also winter – so that didn’t help. Her father was a hospital administrator, and her mother played golf. They […]

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Really? – 3.9.17 – Republicans Make It a Bad Day for Truth, Science, Deficits, Health & Christianity

March 9, 2017

It seems that ex-National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, when he wasn’t holding Russian hands, was also acting as an agent for Turkey. Oh well, says the White House, that’s not on us, he was a private citizen at the time. That was too much even for Fox News’s Shep Smith, who was moved to say, “It’s too much […]

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The GOP’s Health Care Plan Is on Life-Support.

March 8, 2017

The Republicans have unveiled their health care plan – The American Health Care Act. It took seven years. And nobody, except its authors, like it. So let’s give it a review. Unlike most politicians, I don’t pretend to be an expert on healthcare. But even an amateur can see four things. One, the individual mandate is gone. […]

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Does Trump Really Want to Take On Obama?

March 6, 2017

Over the weekend, Donald Trump accused President Obama of tapping his phones during the ‘sacred election process’. He doubled down by demanding that Congress investigate the supposed diabolical deed. It is Trump at his bullying best. However, it is a step he may well regret. Obama has shown he relishes combat. He shredded the birther […]

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