Donald Trump disdain for history.

Tucker Carlson told the head of the White House Correspondent’s Asociation that the press hates Donald Trump. He has misread the media. I suggest that if the press has an institutional opinion of Trump, it is that he is an idiot – because they go where the evidence leads.

And that evidence mounts up. First, there is Trump’s asinine take on President Andrew  Jackson‘s ability to thwart the Civil War 16 years after he was dead. And his plaintive bleat questioning the need to fight, “People don’t realize, you know, the Civil War, if you think about it, why?”

Second, there is his stumbling over whether or not the GOP’s latest version of the AHCA includes coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The media’s honest reporting of Trump’s inanities has got under the great man’s tissue-thin skin. He has repeatedly whined about his ‘unfair’ treatment to his supporters, to foreign heads of state and to the media itself. Let’s just say he has hardly been Jacksonian.

Trump’s disdain for the Constitution.

Over the weekend Reince Priebus, Trump’s enabler-in-chief toed the boss’s line by saying the administration had ‘looked at’ changing the libel laws. Of course, there are a few problems. One, the President doesn’t write laws. Two, defamation is usually a state concern. Three, most problematically, American libel law is subservient to the First Amendment.  And the President’s oath requires him to defend the Constitution.

Trump’s disdain for Congress.

Added to Trump’s litany of ignorant utterances is his repeated claim that he can’t get his agenda enacted because of Democratic obstructionism. He forgets that the GOP has majorities in both Houses of Congress. His failure is grounded in his inability to negotiate a deal.

To compound his blame-dodging he claims Congress’s procedures are ‘archaic’. Specifically, he has a problem with the filibuster. Especially, as he says, ” Today you say filibuster guys sit home and they watch television or whatever they do. (Which reveals a lot about his passions).

The House also draws his imprecations. Although, as it works by simple majority, I believe his complaint is more about politics than procedure. If he could craft a bill that would gain a majority I am sure he would have no issue with House procedures.

Trump’s disdain for consistency. 

In addition to his limited intelligence, Trump has been accused of being a wishy-washy flip-flopper with no core values. Trump, of all people, agrees. As he told John Dickerson in an interview for CBS News, “I don’t stand by anything”.


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