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Ivanka Trump says she was surprised by the “level of viciousness” in the attacks on her father. It makes you wonder if she slept through the Obama administration. Or if somehow it didn’t count because the President was …. something. At the very least, it points to a lack of empathy.

She is not the only Trump sibling wallowing in this sense of entitlement – or ‘woe is us’. Younger brother Eric was equally whiny when he said that he had “never seen hatred like this” and “morals have flown out the window”. He seemed oblivious to the fact that he is a progenitor of the same vitriol he so vehemently decries, as he casually dismissed his father’s enemies “They’re not even people“.

Regardless, complaining about how tough it is in politics is the refuge of the weak. Obama never kvetched that people were being nasty to him – and God knows he had cause. The Trump young should heed Harry Truman’s admonition: “You want a friend in Washington, buy a dog.” (Although it should be noted that there is no evidence Truman actually said this).

And just to complete the matched set of Ivana’s offspring, let’s add Donald Jr’s recent contribution to presidential revisionism. Senior categorically denied that he had said anything to Jim Comey about dropping the Flynn thing. Junior, however, contradicted his old man, blurting out that dad had indeed said “he hoped” Comey would fold his tent. Sadly, the ignorant spawn thought he had dad’s back by dismissing the supposedly unuttered words as no more than a wisp of a suggestion.

I would tell the Trump folks – both the family and the hired hands – that if they wish to exude competence, they should agree on the lies they are going to tell. But that is to ignore the lead in this ignoble play. Trump is a man who refuses to learn his lines. Who will spout whatever nonsense pops into his head. And why not? It got him to the presidency.

But tapping into a middle-America’s well of want, or sweet-talking yourself out of personal bankruptcy, or browbeating the little guy doesn’t give you the experience you need to dig yourself out from under a special prosecutor and his staff.

They aren’t swayed by bullying, promises of future jobs, whining, and cajoling. They don’t have to make a profit or cover up the mistakes they made by lending you money in the first place. They are inexorable.

But maybe Trump is innocent. Except if he is, why are Newt Gingrich and Trump’s other Remoras speaking so negatively of Robert Mueller? And why is the great man himself floating the idea of firing him?

That seems vicious.


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