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The Republicans Update the 'Lord of the Flies'.

At this point, you have to believe that Republicans are like the frog in hot water - indifferent to the fact that it is heating up. In the last 24 hours, Trump has insulted one of their own, Jeff Sessions, for doing his job. Used the Boy Scouts as a ...

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David Paul, KHOU chief meteorologist (how many non-chief meteorologists does KHOU employ?)

When Did the News, Politics & the Weather All Become Entertainment?

The weather used to be a straightforward affair - temperature, clouds, and precipitation. But now Wanda, the weather-watcher from Westhampton, is invited to tell us what the conditions are where she lives. Then the good-hair guy has to read the temperature in 6 or 7 cities even though it's plainly ...

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The Senate tries its hand at healthcare reform.

Seven Years, No Plan, & Finger-pointing - Trump & the Republican Healthcare Fiasco.

Another week, another dismal seven days of Trump and the Republicans stumbling through healthcare repeal and replace - or just repeal, depending on the day of the week. Even after seven years in the wilderness, the GOP hasn't the faintest idea how to get to the promised land. (But that hasn't stopped ...

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Really? 7.19.17. Healthcare on Life Support; Trump whines; Asset Forfeiture; Trump's Magic Math.

Donald Trump: Repeal, replace, repeal, repeal, replace. Donald Trump demanded that the Senate repeal and replace Obamacare until it became apparent that it couldn't. So then he demanded that the Senate just repeal it. Until it became clear it couldn't do that either. Now Trump's back to repeal and replace  - ...

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Really? 7.16.17 Raw courage; Pirro Goes to Hell; A Controversial Doctor

Courage uncovered. In a country where half the population seems to live in an existential dread of terrorists, foreigners, atheists, minorities, gays, and the Clintons, it is good to see there is one group whose courage is laid bare. I speak of nudists. I suspect that the courage to reveal all ...

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How Trump Reacts to Slights – a FAKE NEWS Story

July 1, 2017

Donald Trump has spent his life fighting against scurrilous attacks by lesser beings envious of his success and jealous of his achievements. Many thought he would bring his swaggering, pugnacious style to Washington. His sycophants swore he would. His White House apology squad promises he will. And even his wife’s publicist has put words of war […]

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Has Donald Trump Lost His Bloody Mind?

June 30, 2017

Donald Trump has an obsession with women bleeding – from Megyn Kelly “There was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her … whatever”. To his recent Twitter foray against the ‘Morning Joe’ co-host, Mika Brezinski, “She was bleeding badly from a face-lift”. What does it signify? Who knows? Let the psychiatrists rule on […]

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When Profit Trumps People – People Die.

June 27, 2017

Deregulation kills people – which is evident when you consider that the reason for regulation in the first place was to save lives and protect health. Regulation ensures that people without power retain some say in the quality of their own lives. The history of  America before regulation is a guide to how cruel life […]

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How Democrats can Win: Five Easy Pieces of Advice.

June 23, 2017

Democrats are getting hammered. And the excuses are flying. The “we’re losing less badly than before and besides it’s a Republican district” rationale for losing congressional races is a consolation prize where consolation is meaningless. In politics, all that counts is winning. And until the Democrats get some checks in the ‘W’ column they are irrelevant. What do Democrats […]

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No Expense Spared to Do the Wrong Thing.

June 19, 2017

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, took time off from his busy schedule of not remembering things about his Russian contacts to announce he was relaunching the War on Drugs. How appropriate. Who else would know better than a retrogressive Southerner about fighting a pointless war? The War on Drugs was first announced in 1970 with the […]

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The Constitution Wasn’t Designed to Make it Easier To Shoot Steve Scalise

June 15, 2017

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) – and four others – were gunned down on a baseball field. Luckily nobody died except for the gunman. Quick action by dedicated Capitol police prevented a bigger disaster. And the GOP quickly decried the ready availability of assault weapons to crazy people. All these statements are true – except the last one. […]

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Trump’s Children Whine – Just Like Dad.

June 12, 2017

Ivanka Trump says she was surprised by the “level of viciousness” in the attacks on her father. It makes you wonder if she slept through the Obama administration. Or if somehow it didn’t count because the President was …. something. At the very least, it points to a lack of empathy. She is not the only Trump […]

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Donald Trump Thinks He Came Out Ahead in the Comey Thing.

June 11, 2017

Donald Trump thinks he had a good week. He crows that, one, the Comey testimony has absolved him of any wrong-doing in the Russian brouhaha. Two, that he hasn’t been under investigation. And three, that there is no evidence pointing to his complicity in an electoral fix. But as he smirks his victory grimace he should consider the arc of […]

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Trump and the Dictators: The Parlor Game.

June 9, 2017

Who is Donald Trump’s historical alter-ego? Which of history’s monsters best encapsulates the big man’s sins? Let’s consider. The usual suspect, Adolph Hitler, is first for many. But that is lazy and inaccurate. Trump might tear a few pages out of his playbook – but mass murder is not on his agenda The buffoonish Benito Mussolini […]

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