February 2011

WARNING – This is a long post. It is in two parts with an intermission.

Marriage is the bedrock institution of American life. Marriage is the sacred union of one man and one woman. Traditional marriage is between one man and one woman. Gay marriage destroys the institution of marriage. Cultures that embrace gay marriage are doomed to failure. Atheistic societies discourage marriage. Homosexual marriage leads to polygamy, pedophilia and bestiality. Homosexual unions are antithetical to procreation. All of this and more is claimed by Jeffrey Kuhner, in the Washington Times.

Kuhner's Homies?

These claims are gravely made to rally true believers in ‘Defense of Marriage’. But these claims survive only if they are swaddled in the soft wrap of arbitrary morality and shielded from the facts.

For example, the fact that marriage is a bedrock institution does nothing to argue against gay marriage. In fact, it supports it.

‘Sacred union’ is the language of religion – fundamental Christianity, Sharia Law and Orthodox Judaism and is therefore prohibited by the Constitution.

The claim that ‘traditional marriage’ is between one man and one woman is unsupportable. A brief survey of cultures both historical and contemporary, show that marriage between one man and many women (and more rarely, between one woman and more than one man) is hardly the exception.

Even the bible allows multiple partners in a marriage.  Deuteronomy 21:15-17, for example, covers the rules of inheritance for a man with two wives.

The claim that gay marriage will destroy the institution of marriage is made without evidence. It is as invalid as the claim that admitting Jews would ruin the club or that electing a Catholic would destroy the Presidency.

Think about it. How do people wanting to get married, destroy marriage?

Same-sex marriage is legal in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and Sweden, hardly failed states. Contrast this with the virulent homomphobia of the Arab world and sub-Saharan Africa, exemplars of second-rate societies.  

What about the claim that Atheist societies discourage marriage? In a study by NationMaster, America has the highest rate of marriage. Score one for the good guys. But gainsaying the claim, Russia was in second place. Poland and Ireland, even with their  Catholic traditions were way down the list.

If gay marriage leads to polygamy, pedophilia and bestiality then the states that have legalized it would have seen an increase in these behaviors. They haven’t. In fact, the only group that has ever made polygamy and pedophilia part of its cultural and moral code, the Mormons, are completely opposed to gay marriage. (I have no evidence that they condoned bestiality).  

Homosexuals cannot conceive children the usual way, but if that were the only moral route to parenthood, then logic would demand that In Vitro Fertilization and other fertility techniques would be suspect.

 The desire to be a parent is strong in many gays and is only thwarted because of the ban, by many states, of adoption by gay couples.

In the autobiography posted on his website Jeffrey Kuhner celebrates a 15 year marriage to his high school sweet heart, Grace Vuoto. But no mention is made of any children. But I wouldn’t suggest that therefore his union is ‘a socially barren act’. I am sure that God does not sneer at the strength and companionship he receives from his spouse.


The bigger issue with Kuhner and his like minded Zealots is that their agenda is driven by a belief that they know the way things ‘ought to be’. But ‘ought to be’ is not a rational argument. So to sell it in the ‘market place of ideas’ they resort to fear, superstition, ignorance and anger.

‘Piling-on’ is the best description of their rhetoric. In the article ‘Obama’s Homosexual America’, Democrats are accused of attacks on marriage, society and tradition, disregard for Congress and the Constitution, surrender to the ‘homosexual lobby’, and attempts to breach the firewall holding back the ‘most radical social-engineering experiment of our time’.

Then there is Obama’s (radical social liberal) endorsement of partial birth abortion on demand, stem cell research, euthanasia and a culture of death.

The repeal of DADT has crippled the military and the ‘traditional family’ is being assaulted. Bolsheviks are promoting free love, abortion, open marriage, promiscuity and sexual permissiveness.

1960s campus radicals, hippies, the new left and feminists are promoting sexual revolution, personal liberation, hedonism and moral relativism, attacking self-control, personal responsibility, patriotism and God.

Next: ‘neo-pagan Epicureanism’, socially barren acts and extinction; then polygamy, “transgender unions”, bestiality, pedophilia, moral anarchy, decadence, decline and fall of civilizations and internal moral rot.

All in a page and a half.

This is not an argument. It is a regurgitation of primitive fears, a vile expectoration of atavistic dreads. It is hatred. There is no compassion, no empathy, no thought, no Christianity. Mr. Kuhner is not a nice man.


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