February 2012



Sen. Snowe (R-ME) announced that she would retire from the Senate at the end of her current term. She is sick and tired of the antipathy in the Senate. In her words: “It’s dysfunctional and the political paralysis has overtaken the environment to the detriment of the good of this country.” Adding: “It’s very, very difficult to resolve major issues.”

Her pithy observation is right on: “You can never solve a problem without talking to people with whom you disagree.” And she tells us why the Senate doesn’t do it: “We’re not working out issues anymore,” she said. “We’re working in a parallel universe with competing proposals, and up or down votes.”

Does it feel that on Snowe’s departure one of the few remaining adults has left the room



Romney, Michigan born and bred, native son to an ex-Governor, friend to NASCAR team owners and devoted husband to multi-Cadillac driving Ann, roared back to his home state with his millions of super PAC dollars and thrashed Santorum to within an inch of his political life with a 3 point drubbing.

Or so will run the Romney narrative. But truth be told, to win your birth state by 3 points will hardly put the wind beneath your wings. Romney will win the nomination but he won’t win Michigan in the general election.



He may now be wishing he hadn’t said that JFK’s strict division of church from state made him throw up, but he won’t stop the inanity. Next up in Santorum’s ludicrous litany is his characterization of Obama’s remarks on education at a meeting with the nation’s governors: “President Obama has said he wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob,” Why is Santorum so against a college education? Because he doesn’t like people to be “… taught by some liberal college professor (who) tries to indoctrinate them”

Are there a sortage of educated conservative politicians and thinkers? Have the universities demolished the ranks of the right? Has college molded only generation after generation of white wine guzzling, quiche gorging liberals? Of course not. Neither common sense nor the facts support that position. Santorum himself has an BA, MBA and a JD, Mitt Romney an MBA and JD, Newt Gingrich a PhD and Ron Paul an MD.

Is Santorum’s point that some Americans should be barred from the Presidency? A degree may not be a legal requirement but since 1897 only Harry Truman made the White House without one.

Santorum’s asinine claim doesn’t even reflect what the President actually said. Obama talked of all kinds of education after high school, including two-year community colleges and training for high tech manufacturing. Mississippi’s Governor, Phil Bryant – a Republican – said: “We talked to the president today about some of the trades, even back to the concept we had in high school of shop or the vocational training.”



One question that has not been asked in the back and forth over the the XL pipeline is why is a Canadian company building it? Don’t we know oil? The part of the pipeline that is in Canada makes sense I suppose, but now there is a plan to build the ‘southern leg’ from Cushing, Oklahoma  to oil refineries on the Texas coast still using the same Canadian contractor.

Why aren’t the Presidential candidates outraged? After all it is a natural 2 for 1 deal. They can beat up on the President for not licensing the pipeline and if he ever did they could scream that it was being built by foreign socialists, some of whom speak French.



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February 28, 2012

***** SUPPORT FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM – A PART TIME AFFAIR When the Catholic Church protested against the administration’s mandate that contraception be covered in its school and hospital health insurance, the Church was supported by the ‘values’ politicians. These conservative politicians – from several faiths – believe that the Church’s stance on contraception should be honored. […]

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When is a Democracy Less Than a Democracy?

February 28, 2012

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried”, or so said Winston Churchill. But democracy cannot be that bad, can it? To answer let’s take a short walk through democracy in America. Who is eligible to vote? In theory democracy is simple enough. One person, […]

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February 26, 2012

****** SANTORUM MAKES STUFF UP Rick Santorum claimed that 10% of deaths in the Netherlands are by euthanasia and half of those are involuntary. He further claimed that the elderly are scared to go to hospital and wear bracelets saying “Don’t euthanize me”. Santorum and his campaign have offered no evidence for these claims. Official […]

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Election 2012 – Do the candidates have the character, intellect and substance to be President?

February 25, 2012

Leaving aside their politics, how do the Republican candidates rate as people? What are their strengths; what are their flaws? Is any of this relevant to their ability to govern? Newt Gingrich has a morals problem; he is a serial adulterer. Maybe we can take him at his word that he is reformed. Besides, adultery is no barrier […]

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Really – 2/23/12 – Election 2012, another debate; Catholic Church vs Girls Scouts; Virginia inches to the center; Burning the Koran; Obama and the corporate tax; Democrats texting.

February 23, 2012

***** THE PENULTIMATE DEBATE The Republicans had their twentieth debate. Santorum, the new front runner wasn’t good, but didn’t commit a Perry and hang himself. Gingrich did better, but who cares? Romney said “I don’t mean to be critical” but wasn’t anything else and Paul was Paul. The debate was an exercise in finger pointing as […]

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February 22, 2012

***** IT’S NOT THE ECONOMY STUPID Remember the good old days, before the presidential campaign, when the biggest moral crisis facing the country was the deficit and the election was going to be a referendum on the President’s handling of the economy? A few months of economic uptick; a brouhaha over Susan G Komen/Planned Parenthood; […]

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Election 2012 – 2/21/12 – Ron Paul takes the money; Abortion hurdles in Virginia; The Republican small tent; Presidential races – paying more and getting less

February 21, 2012

***** ELECTION TRAVEL The biggest advantage the President has in an election campaign is Air Force One. He can travel the country on the tax payer’s dime doing his job (as the President and his party claim) or electioneering (as the opposition claims). But people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It has […]

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Really? – 2/20/12 – Sheriff Paul Babeu comes clean; Hannah Kelley dies, will it be in vain? Santorum’s theology, the Bible is better than the Constitution.

February 21, 2012

***** THE RISE AND FALL OF SHERIFF BABEU. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has built a reputation in conservative circles for his ‘get-tough’ approach to illegal aliens. His visibility increased with his selection as the co-chair of Mitt Romney’s Arizona campaign. But now his reputation is national. Not for his stance on illegals but because of his sexual relationship […]

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