The Catholic Church needs to put Christ back in Catholicism. (The Irish edition)

by Pitt Griffin on October 18, 2012 · 1 comment

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Just when you think you have heard it all, another black act by the Catholic Church bubbles up. This time its victims are women, not children.

In most of the world a pregnant woman facing a difficult delivery gives birth by cesarean section. But in Ireland, between 1944 and 2005, 1,500 women were given a symphysiotomy – an operation in which the woman’s pelvis is severed and permanently widened. Symphysiotomies are done in undeveloped nations, because they do not  require operating theaters or electricity. But it is considered a last resort as it frequently leads to chronic back pain and incontinence, sexual problems and trouble walking.

So why do it in a country whose medical system is well equipped to perform cesareans? Could it be because religion trumped science? Consider this, some believe that once a woman has her pelvis widened she can have as many vaginal deliveries as she wants – or more accurately as her Church wants. On the other hand women are usually limited to 4 cesareans  – which raises issues of sterilization and contraception – anathema to the Catholic Church.

Perhaps it isn’t a “Catholic thing”, maybe its an “Irish thing”. No, the statistics show it isn’t. Women in labor at Catholic teaching hospitals were far more likely to be given a symphysiotomy, than women at hospitals without Catholic affiliation.

It is evident that it is more important for the Church to maintain doctrinal “purity” than do what’s medically best for women. And the doctrinal purity that they insist on would be unrecognizable to Jesus Christ.

Many good people work for the Catholic Church – doing many good deeds. But time and time again the Church’s senior management reveal that they have drifted from their Christian roots. The Church still has The Inquisition in its DNA.


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