November 2012

In the conservative world view, we are being attacked on all sides by people who would spit on our values and seduce our youth into lives of debauchery. The gay agenda; the “War on Christmas”; Planned Parenthood’s promotion of teenage sex; radical feminism; the President’s assault on religious freedom – to conservatives these are just some of the many fronts in a war on America.

Protecting his interests does nor come at the expense of our sovereignty.

And of all the groups that prey on us, the apex predator – in the conservative imagination – is the United Nations. Its “Agenda 21” is an attempt to strip us of our sovereignty. Its Treaty on the International Arms Trade is a grab for our guns. Its Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities is just the UN’s latest assault on America – at least according to Sen Mike Lee (R-UT) and ex-presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

Santorum says that he is a good Catholic, but he acts otherwise. He is a big fan of the social restrictions of fundamentalist Catholicism, but not so much of Catholicism’s social obligations. In its disabilities convention the UN addresses the poor treatment so many disabled receive – especially the poor, children and women. It has been ratified by 126 nations, including China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

It’s not a plot on American sovereignty, its about being able to to the bathroom (and a few other things).

The language of the convention is very similar to Americans with Disabilities Act, but rather than extending the values of the ADA to the global community, Santorum wraps himself in mean-spirited suspicion. “There’s no benefit to the United States from passing it.” He said, “But what it does is open up a Pandora’s box for the most vulnerable among us: children with disabilities.” 

No it doesn’t. He is just making stuff up.

Santorum is the father of a disabled daughter. And I am sure that he loves her dearly and wants nothing but the best for her. Which makes it seem pointedly cruel that he would deny the same protections to children abroad that US law affords to children in America.

Mike Lee is a Tea Party conservative – voted into the Senate in the Tea Party’s banner year of 2010. He has grave concerns that the Convention will encroach on our sovereignty. He has a plan to resist this attack on our liberties. “I will do everything I can to block its ratification, and I have secured the signatures of 36 Republican senators, all of whom have joined with me saying that we will oppose any ratification of any treaty during this lame-duck session.” 

But Lee is no expert on political documents. On his campaign web sight he said “A core constitutional function of the federal government is to “insure domestic tranquility” by protecting our country. We maintain peace and freedom when our national defense is strong.”  It may seem a small point but the “domestic tranquility” in Lee’s statement refers to the Founders desire that the states – now bound into a new nation – would peacefully co-exist. It does not refer – as Lee would have it – to our national defense.

So what, you might say. But it’s important because it illustrates that – despite a law school education, a career as an attorney, and a professed reverence for the Constitution – Lee either doesn’t know it or doesn’t understand it. And yet he would presume to tell us what effect the UN convention would have on our sovereignty.

No, they are not about to invade the US

The sovereignty argument is non-starter anyway. Can you imagine – if we chose to ignore a clause in a UN convention –  the blue-helmeted UN forces landing at Benedict, Maryland; defeating the US military; descending on Washington DC; and burning down the White House in a reprise of the War of 1812.

It’s quite absurd, of course.

It is time for us to act like grown-ups. We cannot influence the conversation by refusing to join it. We will not show ourselves to be an exceptional nation, if we behave like petulant children.

Treaties have been a feature of international life for as long as there has been international life. We are already bound by many treaties without sacrificing an iota of our sovereignty.

This country came into being with both the Treaty of Paris and the Peace of Paris and is bound by many global agreements, on subjects as diverse as arms control, ozone protection and use of the seas. Even conservative icon Ronald Reagan negotiated a treaty, INF, with the USSR.

There is a desire by many to return to a time of “Fortress America”, when we could hide behind two great oceans. But if you look at the great statesman of American history you will find many who were skeptics, but none who shunned the world and none who were paranoid.




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