December 2012

Why Congress is so poorly rated.

by Pitt Griffin on December 29, 2012 · 0 comments

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There is still no solution to the “fiscal cliff”, which is yet one more reason why almost everybody thinks Congress is dysfunctional – a feeling reflected in its dismal approval rating. It is actually surprising that anyone views Congress and politicians favorably when you consider:

  1. To win the job, a candidate has to demean, denigrate and belittle the opponent and his party, while the same is done to him – so no matter who wins, almost half of the electorate will think him a bum.
  2. In campaigning politicians can lie about their opponents with impunity – you can’t do that to sell toothpaste.
  3. To finance their campaigns politicians have to exude populism, while promoting the interests of their institutional patrons.
  4. It is an occupation where roughly half its practitioners – the Republicans – are vocal in how useless it is.
  5. It is a profession where lack of experience is seen as an advantage – where having experience puts you “out-of-touch”.
  6. It is a profession in which not doing something can be seen as a principled move.
  7. It is an organization that gives people authority outside of their area of expertise – science illiterates sitting on the science committee, or financial innocents sitting on the banking committee.
  8. It is an occupation that has no professional organization to ensure ethics, like the ABA or AMA – the Congressional ethics committees are window dressing.
  9. It is an egalitarian (socialist?) organization with a minimum of hierarchy – it mirrors a trade union, where seniority, rather than ability, brings promotion.

Finally note this – America has the best politicians that money can buy.





cisions in areas that they have no expertise: finance, technology, science, taxation, business regulation.


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December 26, 2012

The Pope channels the hate. It is one thing to have a hateful position on gays. It is quite another to spew it in your Christmas speech. In that message to the faithful, Pope Benedict XVI denounced gays, who he described as people manipulating their God-given identities to suit their sexual choices – and destroying the […]

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Really? 12/20/12 – Which jobs don’t require ability?

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What qualifications do you need for a Republican job? Republican members of the House Committee on Science Space and Technology include Jim Sensenbrenner, Todd Akins and Paul Broun. Sensenbrenner is a leading climate-change denier, who claims that temperature changes on Mars indicate that CO2 plays no role in global warming. Akins famously denied that raped […]

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Un-Christian illogic.

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As we try to understand the enormity of the Newtown shooting – although in our hearts we know that we will not be able – we have to listen to the vile un-Christian spewing of two self-professed men of God. Erstwhile Presidential candidate and current Fox bloviator, Mike Huckabee, along with American Family Association radio […]

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Every mass shooting brings a sense of disbelief. But Newtown is the worst. At a theater in Aurora a man shot adults and a child. At Virginia Tech a young man shot other young adults. In Columbine teenagers shot teenagers. But at Newtown a twenty year-old shot children. Immediately – and predictably – the left called for stricter gun control. […]

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Really? – 12/6/12 – DeMint quits; the wilderness takes a hit; Santorum thumbs the disabled in the eye; the wisdom of youth; pointless war.

December 7, 2012

Jim DeMint quits DeMint is stepping down as Senator from South Carolina to head up the Heritage Foundation. He says it is because he can be a more effective promoter of conservative principles outside of the Senate than in it. (It doesn’t hurt that he will get a pay raise of over a $1 million). […]

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The back of the box – hiding industrial food’s sins in plain sight

December 4, 2012

Industrial food makes some money off selling you a potato, but a whole lot more selling you potato chips. Every step in processing food adds value – value for industrial food – not for the consumer. Let’s consider the simple spud. In the produce section of the supermarket you can buy potatoes for 60 cents […]

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