Abstinence-only sex education harms our children.

by Pitt Griffin on July 26, 2013 · 0 comments

in Sex-ed.

Why are STD rates so high in states with high church attendance? Is it God punishing the innocents for sexual transgressions. Or could it be a preference for abstinence-only sex ed?

Gonorrhea by state

Gonorrhea rates by state. (Dark blue is bad.)

Most evangelicals – unlike some extreme fundamentalists – will take their sick children to the doctor, instead of praying for a cure, even to the point of death. But they are not as clear-eyed in the face of sex – believing that people won’t have sex, if you just tell them not to.

Chlamydia by state

Chalmydia rate by state

The fact (ie. the actual truth, not the wished for truth) is that peopole have sex. They have sex with multiple partners and they have sex before marriage. So for God’s sake we should educate them how to do it safely.

Syphillis rate by state

Syphillis rate by state.

It isn’t that abstinence is a bad option – it is the only guaranteed method of avoiding STDs – but it an option that few people are able to chose.

God wouldn’t have given us the ability to do well by our children – only to demand that we do not use it.

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