Children Shoot Children; Adults Shoot Children; The NRA Whistles.

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Nebraska, 7/21 – A northeast Nebraska family is mourning the death of a 6-year-old boy killed in an accidental shooting at the family home. Madison County Attorney Joe Smith called it a sad tragedy.

Ohio 7/18 – Levi K. Reed, 15, pleaded guilty to a delinquency charge of reckless homicide. He had found a gun behind a television, pointed it at his friend, Noah McGuire, 14, pulled the trigger unaware that there was a round in the chamber and shot McGuire in the chest.

Arkansas, 7/21 – A 3-year-old visiting a friend’s house, found an unsecured 9mm pistol, and shot himself. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Illinois, 7/18 – Leonard J. Smith Jr. 11, who was visiting a Belleville home was accidentally shot to death Tuesday night by a 6-year-old friend. The children were playing when the 6 year-old found a gun that the owner of the house was looking after for an acquaintance.

North Carolina 7/21 – Robert Furey pleaded guilty earlier this month to involuntary manslaughter after he accidentally shot and killed Nickolas Exley (15). He will serve between one and two years in prison and have to pay funeral costs. He had been drinking.

Isaac Tervino, 9, shot dead.

Mississippi 7/18 – Isaac Trevino, 9, was with two other children in the back bedroom of a relatives’ home, when one of the children picked up a gun, fired it and hit Isaac above his right eyebrow. His parents were eating dinner in the front of the house. Issac died days later.

Indianapolis 7/21 – After shots were fired at 3am in a Marriot parking garage, the police found Darnell Franklin, 17, shot in the back. he later died in hospital. He had driven with five friends to see some girls. A juvenile in the car  was arrested for reckless homicide after accidentally firing the shot with a gun he picked up off the floor.

Knoxville 7/15 – Angela Major and Ken Mason are both charged with reckless homicide after their 6-month-old daughter, Kelsey, was shot and killed. The two were struggling over a gun when it discharged.

Arizona 7/15 – Ricardo Moreno, 23, was in the carport of a family home when he accidentally fired his gun. The bullet went through a wall and struck his 2-year-old niece. He was charged with one count of aggravated assault. The girl should survive.


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