Sarah Palin attacks “angry atheists” in the “War on Christmas” – onward Christian soldier.

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Sarah Palin has declared war on Atheists – especially the “angry” kind. She wants to put Christ back in Christmas – by writing a book. I’ll let her explain:

“It’s going to be a great Christmas book, lots of nice festive, joyful things within the book, like recipes and traditions of our family that are pretty unique because we are from Alaska and live near the North Pole so we have access to Santa Claus and all the good things that come with Christmas”.

Is it really Atheists who are taking Christ out of Christmas? Certainly there are some enthusiastic non-believers who are ever vigilant to displays, on public property, that favor one religion over another – or religion over non-religion. But I suspect that most atheists couldn’t give a damn about nativity scenes on display in the public square.

“Santa, I know some people don’t think that you exist, but I know you’re real. It says so in the Bible” – Sarah Palin

And why object to Santa Claus? He is a as far removed from Christianity as any other pagan symbol. Only in the mind of someone as intellectually convoluted as Palin could Santa be considered as part of the religious celebration of Jesus’s birth.

And she has the geographical proximity thing going on again. Though her point is confusing. If her savior is Santa Claus then Alaska’s proximity to the North Pole might have some relevance. But if her savior is Jesus Christ – who traditionalists believe is the actual reason for the celebration – she would do geographic honor to him by moving to Maine. Which is the state closest to Bethlehem.

And what about those nativity scenes so beloved by the ostentatious sort of Christian? What does the Bible actually have to say about the Lord’s birth?

Jesus’s biography is told four times in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Mark and John start with Jesus as a grown man. It is from Matthew and Luke that we get the traditional Christmas tale – which is actually a “mash-up” of two different stories.

Matthew tells of the Magi (number unmentioned) – guided by a star — going to Bethlehem. There, in a house, they gave presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the new-born Christ. Then they left – without telling Herod, as they had promised – where Jesus was. Mary and Joseph spirited Jesus away to Egypt, as an angel warned Joseph, in a dream, that Herod was going to kill the baby. Sure enough, when Herod didn’t get Jesus’s specific location, he arbitrarily slaughtered all boys two and younger.

Luke, on the other hand, has no Magi bearing gifts, but he does write of shepherds being summoned by an angel to find Jesus in a manger. They departed and spread the news of the birth – no Herod, no fleeing to Egypt, no massacre.

And nowhere is there a date.

Fundamentalist Christians – such as Palin – are ignorant of the Bible. They have to be. If you know anything about it you cannot maintain that it is the inerrant word of God.

But back to the war on Christmas. Are Atheists the biggest threat?  No. The biggest threat to the sanctity of Christmas are Christians. They have taken a pagan festival of the winter solstice and rendered it into an orgy of conspicuous consumption; an engorgement of sweetmeats and comestibles; and a swilling of liquor that has zip, nada, nothing to do with the birth of Christ. His birth is reduced to a hook to hang all the festivity and merriment on.

If there was ever a “War on Christmas” it has been fought and won by the money changers in the temple. Palin and her fellow travelers should just get over it.


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