A Picture of Crime in The US – A Review of the 2012 FBI Crime Statistics.

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The FBI has just issued the final 2012 crime statistics. They make for some interesting reading – if you are into that sort of thing. Especially when you consider how crime rates vary by state and region.

There are some surprises. Who would have guessed that New York would have the lowest rate of property crime and the 2nd lowest incidence of rape?

Here are some other observations.

Unlike New York, the other three of the four most populated states – California, Texas, and Florida – are not on the best or worst lists for any category of crime.

High rates of belief in God and church attendance do not lead to low crime rates. The God-fearing Deep South and Bible Belt suffer from the highest crime rates – while relatively atheistic New England enjoys the lowest. And Utah – despite its large Mormon population – has a high incidence of rape.

There are states, paired in the popular imagination, which have very different crime profiles. Tennessee has the highest crime rate of any state. Kentucky, its Appalachian neighbor to the north, has one of the lowest. North Carolina has a lower than average crime rate. South Carolina, on the other hand, is the 4th most crime-ridden state.

Robbery – the taking of property by threat or violence – is practically unknown in the northern Rockies or northern plain states.

Colorado – which overall has a low crime rate – has a high incidence of rape. While the deep South – which overall has a high crime rate – has a low incidence of rape. However, that may reflect the likelihood of rape being reported rather than the actual incidence of rape.

Here are the numbers broken down.

The most violent states are 1. Tennessee 2. Nevada 3. Alaska 4. South Carolina 5. New Mexico 6. Delaware. The least violent are 1. Maine 2. Vermont 3. New Hampshire 4.Virginia 5. Wyoming. The most violent region is the South; the least violent is New England.

Broken down by region, the most violent states are: New England – Massachussetts; Mid-Alantic – New York; East North Central – Michigan; West North Central – Missouri; South Atlantic – South Carolina; East South Central – Tennessee; West South Central – Louisiana; Mountain – Nevada; Pacific – Alaska.

Crime rates are not geographically consistent across type of crime. For example, Puerto Rico has, by far, the highest murder rate – but also, by far, the lowest incidence of rape.

Murder is most common in the South, least common in New England. By state, the worst is 1. Louisiana 2. Mississippi 3. Alabama, 4. Michigan 5. Missouri 6. Maryland 7. Delaware 8. Tennessee. You are least likely to be murdered in 1. New Hampshire 2. Vermont 3. Iowa 4. Massachusetts 5. Idaho 6. Minnesota 7. Maine.

Rape is most prevalent in the Mountain zone and rarest in the Mid-Atlantic. By state, the highest incidence is in 1. Alaska 2. South Dakota, 3.New Mexico 4. Arkansas 5. Oklahoma 6. Colorado. The lowest incidence is in 1. New Jersey 2. New York 3. Virginia 4. Vermont 5. North Carolina 6. Maryland.

Robbery is most common in the Mid-Atlantic, and rarest in the Northern Great Plains. By state, 1. Nevada 2. Maryland 3. Illinois 4. Rhode Island 5. Delaware 6. Illinois. It is least common in 1. Wyoming, 2.Idaho 3. North Dakota 4. South Dakota 5. Montana.

Assault occurs most often the South, least often in New England. By state, it is highest in 1. Tennessee 2. Alaska 3. New Mexico 4. Nevada 5. Delaware. Lowest in 1. Maine 2. Vermont 3. Kentucky 4. Virginia.

Property crime is highest in the South and lowest in the Mid-Atlantic. By state 1. South Carolina 2. Arkansas 3. Washington 4. New Mexico 5. Arizona 6. Louisiana 7. Alabama. Lowest is 1. New York 2. New Jersey 3. Connecticut 4. Massachusetts 5. Virginia 6. Pennsylvania.

And there you have it.

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