If It’s Organic It Must Be Good for You – Right?

by Pitt Griffin on October 21, 2013 · 1 comment

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Organic no longer means local farmers’ markets selling chemical free produce. Now it means industrial food slapping the organic label on every product imaginable as there is huge money to be made.

Good food is real food, not processed food and certainly food without added sugar and salt. So does food in the supermarket’s organic section pass muster? Let’s look at one meal.

We will start with Wolfgang Puck’s Hearty Garden Vegetable Soup.

It may well tasty. I am sure it meets the USDA Organic Standards – technically. But is it healthy? Hardly, it contains 70% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of salt.

Wolfgang Puck' Garden Vegetable soup.

Wolfgang Puck’ Garden Vegetable soup – with 70% of the RDA of salt.

After the soup, Annie’s Mac & Cheese might hit the spot. It is made with “organic  pasta”, which means that nothing else about it is organic. Which means it is not organic. It also contains 40% of the RDA of salt – pushing the consumer over his salt limit.

When is organic not organic?

When is organic not organic?

For desert there is Organics Chocolate Cake. It may be organic, but it is still cake – with organic sugar.

It may be organic but it is still cake.

It may be organic but it is still cake.

To wash it down there is “Nature’s Pure Organic Cola”. More properly it should be labeled “organic sugar water”. It boggles the mind that anyone, interested in her health, would shell out good money for this absurdity.

But industrial food knows that putting a nymph holding flowers, in a woody glade, on the packaging, will cause the impulsive mind to override the rational brain and convince the consumer that the product must be good.

Organic cola - what's next organic Twinkees?

Organic cola – what’s next organic Twinkees?

If it worries you that – despite the cornucopia of salt and sugar –  you will not make it to your next “nutritious” meal there is always another Annie’s product “Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks”. Because eating organic fruit is too difficult?

It may be organic, but it is still nothing more than a sugary snack.

It may be organic, but it is still nothing more than a sugary snack.

If it comes in a box, bag or can treat it with deep suspicion. Good food generally comes in its own packaging. Organic real food is a better choice, especially if it is local. Organic processed food is still crap – just more expensive than regular processed food. 

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