Needlessly Dead and Injured – 10 Days of Accidental Gun Violence.

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Blount Co, TN: A fund-raiser is being held today to raise money for the family of  Skyler Boring, 17 who was shot and killed while he and friends were playing with guns.

Fayetteville, AK: A two year-old girl died at the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, after she found a loaded and unsecured gun and shot herself in the chest.

Garysburg, VA:  Archie Kee, 51, shot himself in the chest as he attempted to secure his gun, he later died.

Priceville, AL: Derrick Couch, 20, of Decatur was accidentally shot in the side at a bonfire party. He was taken to Huntsville Hospital for surgery. His current condition is unknown.

Honesdale, PA: Matthew Holmes, 39, was sentenced to 45 days to 12 months behind bars after the gun he was handling went off, hitting his 15-year-old daughter in the jaw. She survived.

Henderson, NV: Cherish Noelle Pincombe,23, of Las Vegas was shot in the head and killed by Colin Lowry. Lowry claimed it was an accident.

Glendora, CA: Robert Duncan, 48, and Helen Duncan were charged with negligently discharging a firearm inside a Sam’s Club. Mr. Duncan was shot in the arm after dropping a bag with a gun in it.

Colorado Springs, CO: An unidentified man dies after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. Police believe he didn’t realise the gun was loaded.

Amelia County, VA: A 10-year-old  boy has been charged with reckless handling of a firearm after he accidentally shot his 11 year-old brother in the face. The boy survived. Parents, Patrick D. and Joanna E. Callaway, face child endangerment charges.

Edgar Springs, MO:  Douglas L. Stewell, 52, shot himself in the stomach and after died at Phelps County Regional Medical Center, after being driven there by friends.

Caldwell, ID: Paige Ireland was sentenced to 10 years for the voluntary manslaughter of her abusive husband. She reportedly was trying to scare him by pointing what she thought was an unloaded rifle and pulling the trigger.

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