February 2014

Ten Reasons Why Intelligent Design Is Silly.

by Pitt Griffin on February 28, 2014 · 4 comments

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Science and the American judicial system both know that Intelligent Design (ID) is just religion dressed up as science. Here are 10 reason why.


A large part of the human genome is made up by psuedogenes – so called because they perform no function in humans. While well explained as the detritus of evolutionary mutations – they make no sense in a designed organism.


Of all animals species, one in four is a beetle.Why does the designer love beetles? And why are there 2,500 species of mosquitoes?



If the flood narrative is true, then after the Ark landed all the marsupials – except for the antisocial opossum – decided to live exclusively in Australasia – while no placental mammals did. Odd programming by a designer.

The cicada killer wasp.

This nasty little bugger propagates in a horrific manner. First a pregnant wasp stings a cicada, paralyzing it. Then she drags the cicada back to her burrow, where she injects her eggs into it. The larvae then eat the cicada alive from within. A remarkably cruel design.

intelligent geography


Some cavefish are blind, but they have vestigial non-functioning eyes. Evolution explains that these fish had a sighted ancestor but, living in the dark, rendered eyes an expensive irrelevance, ID has no explanation.


These are the agents that cause Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy – better known as “mad cow disease”. They cannot be killed by heat or any known medicine. There is some question as to whether they are even “alive”. What where they designed for?

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Vitamin C.

Almost all mammals can synthesis there own vitamin C – bats, guinea pigs and dry-nosed primates (including humans) cannot. All mammals have the GULO (vitamin C producing) gene, but in the above mentioned it is mutated. This is consistent with evolution, but not ID.


ID believers have to accept that breeding has wrought changes in everything from corn to dogs. But they dodge the unavoidable – that if you admit the mechanism of evolution, you have to accept the theory of evolution. They will allow for “microevolution”, but then draw a line forbidding “macroevolution”. That is faith, not science.

(Note: some ID supporters will accept that today’s complex animals may be descended from different complex animals, but that is a difference without a distinction.)

ID facts

Spontaneous abortion.

10 to 25 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriages. 30 to 50 percent of fertilized eggs never implant. Hardly the handiwork of an intelligent designer.

The scientific method.

Scientists who work in the biologic sciences are in almost total agreement on the Theory of Evolution. Their ideas are subject to rigorous peer review and must be changed when new facts demand it. ID is fixed in concrete, supported by few scientists and is beloved by people who get their “science” from books, thousands of years old.

When Darwin first formulated the Theory of Evolution he had no idea how mutations might occur, nor any idea of the structures, and their shape, that passed information from each generation to the next. Since then man has discovered the gene, and DNA with its double-helix form.

Even discoveries not directly related to life, explain and support evolution. The Theory of Continental Drift and carbon and other paleodating techniques for example.

If evolution is wrong it would be easy to prove. Evolution says the if B evolved from A, then B cannot be found in older rock strata than A. Yet even with people enthusiastically digging all over the place, that anomaly has never been found.



ID supporters claim that life is too complex for it to have evolved from micro-organisms. But rational people realize that life on Earth – in all its redundant amoral cruelty – has to be the product of a mindless process.


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