Intellectual Rigor Mortis – Because Faith Is Easier than Thinking.

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Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it. – Henry Ford.

There are people, who go through life confident that God’s moral system is identical to their own; confident that the Founding Fathers and they are of one mind; and confidant that “real” science describes the world as they believe it to be, rather than as the scientists with an “agenda” describe it.

Intellectual rigor mortis starts with an opinion and then passively absorbs only “information’ that jibes with that opinion. The internet has made it even easier to find like minded spirits to reinforce the worth of your opinion – no matter how crackpot it is.

What planet are these guys from?

What planet are these guys from?

Take the Flat Earth Society. This group – despite a niggling suspicion that it is a Monty Python joke – is earnest in promulgating a biblically inspired view that the Earth is flat.

It doesn’t stop there. Far greater number have been seduced by a superstitious upbringing and enthusiastic pastors into believing the biblical story of creation. Other cultures have different creation myths. The have in common only thing the lack of a factual basis for their beliefs.

Science, on the other hand, transcends culture and superstition and delivers a peer-reviewed, factually-based explanation of the development of life. It is the one great truth in a maelstrom of faith.

It is religion that allows young earth creationists to ignore every branch of the physical sciences to rally behind an absurdity

As bad as the Bible is for scientific truth, it is as bad a capricious moral guide. The list of things banned in the Bible is long and strange. If you choose to cherry-pick it to come down against gay marriage, then you are guilty of hypocrisy – a definite biblical no-no.

King Solomon and a few of the 700 wives he was "traditionally" married to. (BTW he also had 700 concubines, with whom he committed "traditional' adultery.)

King Solomon and a few of the 700 wives he was “traditionally” married to.
(BTW he also had 700 concubines, with whom he committed “traditional’ adultery.)

Let’s look at the claim touted by marriage bigots that one man/one woman is a traditional marriage.  First it’s inaccurate. The Old Testament is awash in polygamy, which even makes it into the New Testament in the instructions on religious leadership. And what of the vaunted two person/two  sex affair? Biblically and historically, marriages were arranged and the woman had no property rights. The US Constitution takes a dim view of that asset arrangement.

Which brings us to that favorite document of the “original intentists” or “constitutional originalists” – the US Constitution. And as the Bible has been read to support a bigoted world view, so has the Constitution been “spun” to lend credibility to outrageous claims.

Take the contentious 2nd amendment. Centuries of jurisprudence have limited its scope – much in the way the 1st is limited by libel, slander, incitement and common sense nuisance laws. But today’s gun absolutist – creating things from whole cloth – has decided that the founders intended the 2nd amendment to guarantee the individual’s unfettered right to bear arms so that he may resist his government. Crap.

The Constitution arranges for a militia to be available for the defense of the nation – under the control of the peoples’ government. The 2nd amendment allows for the right to bear arms in order for “a well regulated Militia … necessary to the security of a free State” Notice “well regulated” and “state”.

The preamble to the Constitution states that is intent is – among other things – to insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense. The 2nd amendment ensure that intent can be honored.

It is simpler to think simplistically. Relying on ancient texts allows the fearful to avoid new things. Relying on God allows the intellectually otiose to ignore science.


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