A Typical Weekend in Daytona Beach?

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“If a man lies with an animal, he shall surely be put to death, and you shall kill the animal. If a woman approaches any animal and lies with it, you shall kill the woman and the animal; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”Leviticus 20:15-16.

Florida is legend for dysfunction. Does it deserve its reputation? I don’t know. I am unaware of any rigorous study  – conducted with stringent scientific methodology – which answers that question. But based on anecdotes it is hard to imagine another contender.

Let’s have a look at a typical Florida city. Say Daytona Beach.

Two sheriff’s deputies – in plain clothes, investigating an unrelated matter – overheard a loud conversation outside an auto yard. They came across Edward P Miller and his son Eddie. Miller was sitting in his car. He had a gun, but it was supposedly holstered. Deputy Joel Hernandez, for reasons as yet unknown, shot him dead.

So far it seems a typical case of “justified shooting” vs “police overreaction”. But what sets this apart is that Miller was deaf and didn’t know what the guy in street clothes was telling him to do. And because he was deaf he always talked loudly.

From the deaf to the mundane. A woman, Kala Baxter, stabbed a man in the neck at the Ridgewood Food Mart. She claimed it was in self-defense.

James Dunn of Daytona beach was convicted and sentenced to five years in the county lock-up. His crime? Repeated sexual battery of a pit bull puppy – Coco. Apparently his acts did not score enough points to warrant state time. Dunn was caught in the act because he had left his front door open. And he must serve his time despite his lawyers request he receive probation because he has a “bad back”.

Back to the mundane. Antone T. Adams, 25, was sentenced to 15 years of federal time for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Adams, an habitual offender, was busted for selling a gun and crack to an undercover agent.

And now for something a little rarer. A Daytona Beach cop has resigned after a domestic disturbance. The wife was hit and threatened after she was caught in an adulterous affair. So far a fairly typical love triangle. Except that the victim and her lover were also both Daytona cops, and both women. As was the cop, Sarah Martin, who caused the disturbance.

Phillip Moore, 30, faces criminal mischief and burglary to a structure charges after attacking an ATM – with a hatchet. Cops recognized him from the ATM camera images. He was later arrested on his bicycle. 

A typical weekend in Daytona Beach?

Daytona Beach

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