Dr. Ben Carson Warns that We May Have to Call Off the 2016 Election.

by Pitt Griffin on September 29, 2014 · 0 comments

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Ben Carson first captured Republican hearts after he made a speech – at an apolitical prayer breakfast no less – slamming the state of America, while the President sat 10 feet away. Nothing warms the cockles of old white conservative hearts more than the sight of an attractive, intelligent, well spoken black man hoisting the reactionary banner. Look at my house-boy kicking your Kenyan in the ass – you can hear the delighted chuckles.

From such a thin resume came talk of a potential 2016 White House run. Such a thin resume, that it even drew comment from fortress Fox. Chris Wallace  – flashing an independent streak – asked Carson if he might not be tarred with the same “inexperience” brush the Conservatives so love to wield against Obama.

Ben Carson showed he was at least a good enough politician to swat that away.

Carson does have strengths. He plays on the far right’s need for ‘crazy’ – just as well as any past-master of the craft. He is even drawing favorable comparisons to Sarah Palin – although he is handicapped by his mastery of the English language.

Ben CarsonHe dragged the Nazis in – an easy but necessary first step – like the short program in Olympic skating. And then really came into his own with a characterization of Obamacare as slavery – making full use of his special circumstances to point out that Obama is black, without being accused of racism.

But his ne plus ultra, his masterpiece (at least to date, there seems plenty left in the man) was his suggestion that the 2016 election may be called off on account of anarchy. Genius.

He enumerates the threats to the vote – the deficit, a shaky financial foundation and ISIS. And he dares to throw it out there, with complete disregard of the US elections held during civil war, foreign wars, a great depression, assorted recessions, red scares and even a previous bout of anarchist paranoia.

There are some who felt that the 2012 GOP slate of candidates would never be replicated for their sheer combined nuttiness, but 2016 is shaping up to be an even better year.

Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney look as if they may well be back. Paul Ryan could eye the top job. Mike Huckabee sat 2012 out, but might throw himself into the ring.

And then there are the new possibles. The buzz names (Cruz, Rubio, Paul). The establishment (Bush [Jeb], Christie). The mid-western, white bread governors (Pence, Kasich, Walker). The southern/western, ethnic governors (Haley, Jindal, Martinez). The Senators no one knows (Portman, Corker). The Representatives no one knows (King [Peter], Rogers). The libertarian (Huntsman). And last, and probably least, the looney crowd (Trump, Bachmann, Cain, Bolton. Palin, West).

The debate stages will be crowded. With that much talent the nonsense will be flying. The quotes will be fast and furious. The headlines will write themselves. The GOP wants order – with fewer debates and compliant moderators. But there is just too much pent-up silliness to allow a smooth nomination process. It may not be the World Cup, but it is a quadrennial festival of fun.

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