November 2014

“Social conservatives seem to see a bigger threat to marriage from committed gay couples who want in on it than from straight ones who opt out of it.” ― Margaret Talbot

Why is there so much talk of agendas and wars – such as the ‘gay agenda’ or the ‘war on Christmas’? The answer is fear and its effect on behavior. A few people doing some is pretty ho hum. But limn the behavior as a cabal and it conjures up images of sinister plotters – throwing gasoline on the paranoid’s fire.

Look how blacks were portrayed after slavery. Not as a struggling mass yearning to be free, but rather a group of mindless sub-humans aiming to rape white women. Nobody knew what the Chinese wanted – they were inscrutable after all – but it couldn’t be good. The Jews were rapacious money men and the Irish drunken brawlers. You get the picture.

Now there’s a gay plot.

What is the gay agenda? To listen to the ever vigilant churchmen these shameless activists are recruiting young boys to the devil’s life-style (lesbians apparently are not so minded). How are they doing this? The answer is in schools. Where, by the way, the atheists and government bureaucrats are also stealing kids’ minds.

To these guardians of our kids’ purity sex ed is the thin edge of the perversion wedge. It’s bad enough that heterosexual sex and masturbation are touted, but there is also chat of ’tolerance’ & ‘acceptance’ (code for promotion and brainwashing) of the homosexual way of life.

The problem with the zealots’ narrative is that they can’t produce any victims of the ‘gay agenda’. Is there one boy who has come forward to claim that his ‘straightness’ was stolen from him, as he was cast into the pit of gay depravity. The whole affair rests on the idea of choice – the idea that you can choose to be gay. Where did that nonsense come from?

People are gay in the most evangelical families, in the reddest states. Why would they choose that option? If that doesn’t convince you, then ask when did you choose to be straight? Kids can be aware of their sexuality, before they even know what sex is.

The reality is that many ‘good religious folk’ are squeamish about two guys having sex. If you allow gay marriage then you are sanctioning that. So they protest that gay marriage is a sin. But sin is when you hurt someone else. And two guys marrying are not hurting someone else. So unless gay marriage is made mandatory, let’s stop it with the gay agenda.

And then there are the atheists. Here, I will grant you, there is an agenda – to follow the original intent of the founders. These activist atheists either want public bodies to remain agnostic on religion – come one, come all, including ’none’ if you will. Or they want the government to stay out of religion all together.

The more in your face Christians want things like the Ten Commandments displayed in courtrooms. But that’s a foreign law code. We have something better – the Constitution. Let’s display that. If you cleave to the Christian admonitions then get yourself a wallet card and keep it close to your heart.

Americans revel in paranoia. In the 19th century the ‘know nothings’ fretted over the immigrant/Catholic agenda. In the 20th century the anarchist agenda was preeminent until the red scares of the 1950s. In the 21st century, liberal fears that George W. Bush was ushering in right-wing fascism, wer replaced with conservative fears that the all-American Barack Obama was behind a islamo-fascist socialist agenda.

If there is an ‘agenda’ to be worried about it is the ‘War on the People’ being waged by corporate America and its poodles in Congress. This war means picking the citizen’s pocket with over-priced drugs, unhealthy food, and usurious credit – all while polluting the planet.

So let’s stop worrying about two gays who will eventually fight over whether Aunt Beryl should be invited to the Thanksgiving Day family dinner.

Gay agenda


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