January 2015

What Do Saggy Pants Have to Do with Sarah Palin?

by Pitt Griffin on January 28, 2015 · 0 comments

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“Now we know what it’s like to get cornered by Palin at an open-bar wedding.– Jon Stewart.

Sarah Palin does not leave people indifferent; everyone has an opinion. The dichotomy that is Palin was well illustrated during her failed 2008 run at the Vice-Presidency. On the one hand, she gave a universally acknowledged stemwinder of an acceptance speech, on the other she couldn’t tell Katie Couric which newspapers she read.

Since then she has had a scintillating career as a professional gadfly. Her supporters cheering her every malapropism, laughing with delight at her folksy self-reverence – mama grizzly, pit bull with lipstick, hockey mom and the like. Her detractors suffering cold sweats when contemplating how close she came to being one heartbeat away from the top job.

She kept her profile high with speeches at various right-wing love-ins and conservative proms. It doesn’t hurt that – while not a classic beauty – she has a certain tight-toned yet earth-mother voluptuousness that appealed to conservative men (and maybe some of her detractors). And conservative women admire her ‘stand by your family, warts and all’ ethos.

But it couldn’t last forever.

Last weekend she gave what should have been a typical Palin address – full of folksy homily and red meat catnip – but she jumped the shark, especially after her teleprompter froze. Before the faithful at the Iowa Freedom Summit, the Empress showed she had no clothes.

As expected her usual critics leveled the usual criticism – although this time with suggestions she may have been drunk or drugged. But this time even stalwart defenders of all things Palin scathed in their criticism. Conservative reaction to her speech  included such observations as “long and disjointed”, “a weird speech”, “Terrible. Didn’t make any sense”, “a certain coarseness to her”, “hard to take her seriously”, “bizarre and disjointed”, and “long and incoherent”.

And that is why Sarah Palin is like saggy pants. At one point, they may have had a certain shock appeal for some, but now for almost everyone the look is just old and boring.

saggy pants



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