Really? 5.13.15 – Denominals; Pot, Evolution & the Duggars; Iowa; Books & Bombers.

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“People are never so completely and enthusiastically evil as when they act out of religious conviction” ― Umberto Eco.

A ‘denominal’ is a verb that has been formed from a noun. This headline has an example: “Idaho teacher wishes someone would ‘Ray Rice’ non-Mormon who wants to be school president.” She has cleverly taken the name of America’s most famous partner-abuser and made it into a verb meaning to beat the shit out of someone. It does raise the question of how this supposedly religious women can justify her wishing a beat-down of a teen. But she can chat about that when she meets Jesus on the Day of Judgement. (h/t Raw Story)


One argument against the legalization of marijuana is that it has a damaging effect on developing teenage brains.

The Duggars - bountiful, but not bright.

The Duggars – bountiful, but not bright.

Leaving the science aside, that ignores that no one is proposing making pot legal for teens – nor do teens have any trouble getting hold of it already. More importantly, there is something far more damaging to the adolescent brain – fundamental religious beliefs.

Let Ben Sewald be the poster child for this. Sewald married into reality TV’s extremist Christian, Duggars family and apparently shares their narrow view of life’s development. Despite his supposed reverence for the Bible, he ignores its admonitions against lying and just makes stuff up. Like his claim that, “all science points to the validation of the Genesis account.” Codswallop. (h/t Raw Stuff)


One of the annoyances of American politics is the outsized role Iowa plays in presidential elections – particularly its evangelical Christians. No doubt Iowa has its charms, but not so many that it has a booming tourist business. Nevertheless, the GOP hopefuls all faithfully visit the God-forsaken place and attended its roster of conservative love-ins.

Iowa’s straw poll in August is considered the kickoff of the presidential race. The event is a ‘must attend’ by any presidential wannabe. Except Jeb Bush has flipped the good Midwestern folk the bird – he’ll be at the “Red State” confab in Atlanta instead. Four other runners will join him, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and businesswoman Carly Fiorina. Afterward, Walker will want to be in Iowa – he leads the polls – but the others? (h/t The Hill)


The worst thing about the terrorist threat to the US is the endless stream of intelligence honchos warning us that oblivion is around the corner. Michael Morrell, former deputy chief of the CIA, is the latest hyper-ventilator. His bug-a-boo is ISIS and airplanes. Is he a disinterested observer? Hardly, he is shilling his book, ‘The Great War of Our Time’. Profit in paranoia – a venerable marketing strategy to pick the pockets of the permanently fearful. (h/t The Daily Mail)


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