Really? – 5.21.15 The Big Guy Tells a Whopper; The Constitution as Required Reading; The GOP’s Vanishing Base.

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“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” ― Anaïs Nin.

Politicians make outrageous claims. It’s hard to pick the most absurd. But Chris Christie, New Jersey’s big mouth Governor and increasingly long-shot presidential possible, has an entry that looks promising. When faced with the dismal statistic that 65% of his fellow Garden Staters think he would make a lousy President, Christie told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly:

“They want me to stay. A lot of those people in that 65 percent want me to stay. And I’ve heard that from lots of people at town hall meetings.” 

The state’s largest newspaper, The Newark Star Ledger, had the only rational explanation for Christie’s mind-boggling claim, “The man has lost touch with reality”. (h/t


Michigan is considering a mandate that students read the Constitution before graduating high school. Which I suppose is commendable. But it raises the question – why isn’t it mandatory already, in every state? Currently North Dakota and Arizona require students pass the citizenship test to graduate. The rest of the country – nothing.

In truth, Americans knowledge of their own political system is pathetic. Only 38% know the three branches of government. Only 15% know who the Chief Justice of the Supreme court is. And only 13% know the year in which the Constitution was signed.  (h/t CSMonitor)


Republican voters are older than Democratic voters – and they are dying off quicker. By every account, the GOP is in demographic jeopardy. The party’s strength is among the religious – and Americans are becoming rapidly less religious. Among xenophobes and Americans are for a path to citizenship. Among the homophobes and Americans supports gay marriage. Among the plutocrats and Americans increasingly support greater income equality and a higher minimum wage.

The GOP remains strong on guns, abortion and terrorism. But their anti-environment, ‘global warming is a hoax’, rants don’t resonate with the young. Neither does their misogyny and anti-contraception crusades.

Ironically they have a deep bench of relatively young candidates – but even those Republicans’ ideas are old. (h/t CSMonitor)

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