June 2015

“The less there is to justify a traditional custom, the harder it is to get rid of it” ― Mark Twain.

Evangelicals have come out hard against gay marriage. The obvious, and stated, reasons are that it is unbiblical. And an insult to tradition, mothers, and the American way. But don’t they have it backward?

Since the 1960s, the Summer of Love, and the hedonism of the 1970s ‘me generation’, marriage’s popularity has declined in America. I won’t speculate as to the reasons, but the effect is clear. There are far more single parent homes and children with unmarried parents. Divorce, while still traumatic, has lost its stigma.

Social conservatives bemoaned that American relationships were going to hell in a handbasket.

Gay marriage seemed just more of the same.

But it isn’t. It is, in fact, a cri de coeur from the 1950s. Homophobes had tarred gays as loose libertines. God was punishing them with AIDS for their salacious excess. Promiscuous, gays demanded anonymity in their sexual couplings, partners to order, with a hearty dose of Sodom and Gomorrah.

But in reality many gays were asking for Leave it to Beaver. Gays pled for the right to make ‘honest’ men and women of each other. They fought for the respectability and tradition that straight America was dumping wholesale.

Fundamentalists think that homosexual means guy nuns on roller skates. Unshaven dykes in lumberjack shirts. Ponce doing León. And newly minted Caitlyns running out to try their new accessories. But marriage equality warriors just wanted to reduce sexual frequency to Friday night – or some other night if they’re orthodox.

They want gay to be boring.

So much so, that some gay activists wonder if they actually ‘won’ in the Obergefell case. Now they have the same right as all the breeders. Romeo wins his Juliet. The Capulets and Montagues share tunafish casserole on pinochle night. And life looks a little dull.

Gay marriage is about as traditional as it gets.

gay marriage


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