Really? – 8.18.15 Deportation follies; the EPA pollutes a river; Trump unintentionally encourages more immigration.

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The GOP’s deportation fantasy.

On immigration, the Republicans play a duplicitous game. On the one hand, extravagant promises of mass deportations and shiny new border walls – now paid for by Mexico – rile the base straight to the ballot box. On the other hand, business conservatives – from the US Chamber of Commerce on down – quietly warn their political poodles to take no action.

Because corporate America well knows that entire industries – hospitality, agriculture, construction – are underpinned by the labor of the undocumented. Punitive policies driving migrants out of rural Georgia left crops rotting in the fields. Conservative business groups warn that throwing 11 million illegal aliens out would shrink the economy by $1.6 trillion.

Just the cost of detaining, processing, and deporting them is estimated at $400-600 billion. Where’s the fiscal conservatism there? (h/t The Hill)

The big bad EPA.

The GOP has ignored American industry’s deplorable record on pollution. Telling the country to ‘move along, nothing to be seen here’.

But when the EPA takes out one river, three congressional committees line up to ‘investigate’.

Trump’s law of unintended consequences.

Donald Trump released a policy paper on undocumented aliens. One of his suggestions was to stop remittances being sent back to home countries. I suppose his theory is that if people couldn’t send money back to support families, there wouldn’t be any point in people coming here illegally.

Saner heads point out that, if people couldn’t receive money from America, they would have to come here to get it themselves – i.e., more immigrants.


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