It’s Not Pro-life; It’s Pro Pain.

by Pitt Griffin on September 3, 2015 · 0 comments

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“People speak sometimes about the “bestial” cruelty of man, but that is terribly unjust and offensive to beasts, no animal could ever be so cruel as a man, so artfully, so artistically cruel” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Anti-abortionists claim ‘sanctity of life’ underpins their expedient ‘pro-life’ belief that they are doing God’s work in denying pregnant women their constitutional right to an abortion. They are in it for the child. But once that child is born, these same people lobby to shred the safety net guaranteeing that child a minimum standard of security, nutrition and shelter.

Their activism overwhelmingly affects the poor. Wealthy women wanting abortions will get them. But the poor can’t travel the distances, and pay for the unneeded stays, that draconian laws mandate. The poor will be further chained to their poverty as unwanted children limit their ability to make money and drain scarce resources.

These religious hypocrites don’t stop there. Anti-abortionists lard abortion clinics with irrelevant regulations – for the sole purpose of hindering abortions. But when those children are born they enter a world where powerful forces are determined to slash regulations mandating safe food, potable water, and breathable air.

Anti-abortionists shoehorn unneeded medical processes into a straightforward procedure – but refuse the expansion of Medicaid that would bring needed care to poor children.

And what of the precious children who God created gay? Anti-marriage equality zealots would strip them of their right to marry. An act that denies happiness to gays while doing nothing to better the life of the zealot. They claim they are bound by the Good Book. However, their binding is selective.

There is no like handwringing over the re-marriage of divorced heterosexuals. There is no concomitant moral thrust to enforce existing – or enact new – laws banning adultery. And who are these purveyors of hurt and hate? Toads in the main.

Take the exquisitely degenerate Josh Duggar, ex-Executive Director of FRC Action. A group whose sole purpose is to hate on gays. He espoused the world of Christian marriage perfection while diddling multiple kid sisters, cheating on his wife, sleeping with porn stars and signing up for TWO Ashley Madison accounts. Whatever, he still found time to advise long-term monogamous gay couples they were going to hell. Hallelujah!

Kim DavisOr take the hard face of bureaucratic, homophobic, activism, Kim Davis. This charmer is a four times married, thrice-divorced mother of bastard twins. But she’ll let no gay walk the aisle she has so frequently trod. It’s all right because she is ‘born again’.God has absolved her of her life of moral rot. Jesus has freed her to lecture loving people that her high standards can’t tolerate their commitment to each other expressed in a ceremony of joy.

And let’s not bring up euthanasia. There again we meet the sanctity of life crusaders. The ones who shed their care for the child when she was born. Having given this life the cold shoulder for years – callous to the travails she has suffered – they roar back into the picture at the whisper of a death with dignity.

Heaven forfend that illness may turn your thoughts to a peaceful and pain-free exit. Then these unholy warriors will deny you the liberty to make choices. Your God and conscience may agree with an arranged death. Their God knows better

It matters not that your time is short, your agony is profound, and your mind is clear. You will suffer till the last possible moment because life, no matter the pain, is beautiful. And your body is not yours but the property of their imagined deity.

For these flinty souls, Christianity is a compassionless cudgel. They are God’s mobsters enforcing the divine Capo’s directives on the cowering townfolk

If you need to lead a life bound by Bronze Age rules – rules that you keep to please some unseen authority – by all means do. But leave the rest of us to manage our affairs as we see fit. Let us follow our own rule book. And pay heed to whatever authority we feel should be our guiding light.

Let us all agree that when individual codes clash, we shall abide by the Constitution – the one rule book that all Americans, regardless of belief, must obey.

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