October 2015

A Few Political Droppings

by Pitt Griffin on October 31, 2015 · 0 comments

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Bernie Sanders‘ supporters are passionate. And in their passion blind. Despite polls, which consistently show an increasing lead for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic nomination contest, they believe in his destiny. Despite Clinton’s formidable political machine. Despite her huge lead in committed ‘super-delegates’. Despite her distinct advantage in endorsements. Despite a weakness in his support by minorities. Despite all of that – they still think he’s going to win. Are they deluded?

Buster Douglass did beat Mike Tyson. The American hockey team did beat the USSR. And the Mets are still playing ball. So I suppose Sanders has a chance.


Marco Rubio is the new GOP darling. ‘Establishment’ enough to appeal to the powers-that-be. Reactionary enough to appeal to the powers-that-wanna-be. He is morphing into the ‘one who can’. Except that now he is on the radar. The other candidates won’t let him slide. And the media – those dastardly bastards, the liberal ‘lamestream media’ – will now take a magnifying glass to his record.

Jeb Bush fired the first shot. Mistakenly thinking that Americans care whether the politicians work or not, he used the last debate to accuse the Florida Senator of shirking his day-job duties. Let us just say that shot fell short. And Marco’s return volley was damaging.

Rubio’s congressional attendance will matter less than Rubio’s finances. Is there any there, there? He does seem to have been sloppy, but there was no censure – certainly no suggestion of criminality. But as often, it is not the act, but the reaction to the accusation that brings difficulties. Rubio dismissed claims of poor financial skills as ‘discredited attacks from Democrats and my political opponents’.

Except that the facts of his record have not been discredited. (h/t PolitiFact)


Jeb Bush’s debate performance has been widely panned. He defends his prospects by saying there is time. And that front runners, in previous campaigns, have been tried by ‘flavor of the week’ candidates before restoring vigor, then primacy to their campaigns. The difference is though, that McCain and Romney fought. They wanted to win.

Bush, on the other hand, has announced that are “a lot of really cool things” he could be doing instead of this presidential nonsense. And he keeps telling people to vote for other candidates.


The conventional wisdom has it that Donald Trump and Ben Carson will go away. They didn’t do much in the CNBC debate. And yet they are still way ahead in the polls. An NBC/Survey Monkey poll has them at 26% each. Next are Ted Cruz (10%) and Marco Rubio (9%).

Trump has insulted women, war heros (who people presumably care about) the media and other candidates (who they probably don’t). Carson can’t tell the truth, and is woefully uniformed about science and economics. Yet, they both bob along. (h/t Politico)


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