Donald Trump Campaigns To Be Sadist In Chief.

by Pitt Griffin on March 30, 2016 · 0 comments

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“The healthy man does not torture others – generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers.’ – Carl Jung

Donald Trump’s campaign has taken a turn for the worse – and who knew there was a worse? He is now threatening to ban all abortions and punish women who get one. It is a frightening combination of ignorance and sadism. Ignorance because the President doesn’t have a magic, anti-abortion wand.  The states write the laws on access to abortion. And Constitutional rights aren’t subject to executive whim.

And sadism for introducing a wholly new feature to the abortion debate. Before Roe vs. Wade, illegal abortions usually only came to light if the woman was injured. Abortion providers faced criminal charges, but women were not formally punished – although they were victims of sneering interrogations by male cops, pulling apart their sexual histories, and shamed by the public airing of their abortions.

Trump would throw salt in the wounds.

It’s part of his general reduction of women to chattels. His sophomoric promotion of his wife’s looks diminishes her linguistic and business acumen. His depiction of Heidi Cruz as a crone classes her as a second-rate woman despite her first-rate financial career. There is evidence he is fair to women in his company, and I don’t doubt he thinks highly of his daughter. But that consideration is private. In public, he’s a pig.

cartoonThis sadism towards women is one part of a sadistic worldview. Americans are better than torture. It’s immoral; its victims haven’t received due process; and it’s ineffective. To demand it satisfies only blood lust. And Trump demands it.

He says America should slaughter the families of terrorists. How can you be anti-abortion and pro-infanticide?

Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has been indicted for simple battery after grabbing the arm of a reporter. It could have been defused with an apology. But that’s not the Trump way. Deny the violence. Say the video doesn’t show what the video shows. Call the reporter a liar. Put words in her mouth. And then claim Trump was the real victim. That’s the Trump way.

Trump rallies are littered with incitements to violence – all denied by the candidate – again despite videos of his crude urgings. It’s not that crowds inevitably get out of control. Sanders rallies are equally impassioned but free of argy-bargy. Cruz, Kasich and Clinton rallies are more sedate and safe for kids.

Trump is a sadist with a love of physical abuse, whether it be women, innocent families or protestors. And like every bully, he shunned the opportunity to actually fight.


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