April 2016

Mr T and the Women

by Pitt Griffin on April 29, 2016 · 0 comments

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Donald Trump runs his business as a meritocracy. People who know confirm that Trump is gender-blind in promoting talent. But does that prove that Trump is not a misogynist? Hardly. Just because someone treats individuals they know with consideration, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t dismiss or disparage the larger group.

Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell and to a lesser degree Colin Powell are highly regarded by conservatives – but this acceptance of a few doesn’t translate to respect for blacks in general. Gays are considered defective by conservatives – but those bigots are generally understanding of gays in their family.

From the first debate on, Trump has cast slurs at women. His comments about them are decidedly low-rent – witness allusions to Megyn Kelly’s menses, Carly Fiorina’s face and Hillary Clinton’s shouting. And now that it seems the presidential contest will feature Trump vs. Clinton, he is starting to pile on.

His latest claim is that Hillary is playing the ‘woman card’. Without it, he says she wouldn’t have received more than 5% of the Democratic primary vote. Indeed, he adds that without it, she couldn’t get elected to a city council.

The irony, as any woman knows, is that being a woman makes it harder to get ahead. Although the Supreme Court is the most female it has ever been, it’s still 6-3 against. Congress is still only 20% women. Governors 14%. Fortune 500 CEOs 4%. Men have been playing the man’s card for centuries.

So be it. Trump seems committed to pursuing this line of attack.

Will it work? Every previous aspersion has proved polling and voting gold for Le Grand Orange. But Trump’s tactics are now revealed. Clinton will not be surprised. She has fended off attacks for 20 years. And she is no shrinking violet.

What will be the nature of Donald’s attacks? He has previewed four thrusts. First, paint her as shrill or shouting – a standard put-down of powerful women. Second, drag the Lewinski affair in. Suggest that her defense of her husband effectively threw womankind under the bus. Third, cast her as old and tired. And last, an old favorite, paint her as a liar.

Here’s one tweet,“Crooked Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for the presidency, is also one of the all time great enablers!”

PhotoHillary has already shown that the best defense is a good offense. She will own the ‘woman card’. She has claimed the high ground on issues dear to women – and the men who love them.“If fighting for women’s healthcare, and paid family leave, and equal pay is playing the ‘woman card,’ then deal me in.” 

As well, Donald is a self-acknowledged serial cheater. But that is a card that must be played carefully – perhaps as an aside.

Trump will no doubt drag in all the usual right-wing tropes – Benghazi, Whitewater, ‘travelgate’, sniper-fire, emails, the Clinton Foundation, the blue dress, & Vince Foster.

Some of it will stick – but Trump is deeply flawed. He will receive a lot of return fire.

It is an enigma why Trump’s primary opponents didn’t do better ‘oppo’ research or run more aggressive campaigns. I doubt Hillary will be so forgiving. This summer Donald may well be trying to explain in court how his fleece operation, Trump University, wasn’t a scam. His GOP opponents let him slide on his multiple failed businesses – and gave him a pass for his serial bankruptcies.

Like any bully, he only wins when he intimidates. Sure he can hit hard, but hit back hard enough and he will collapse. Especially devastating would be a ‘swift-boat’ attack on his business record and his supposedly stellar business skills.

Try this: Gates, Buffet, Ellison, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, Page, & Brin. They are among the top 11 richest Americans. All of them far wealthier than Trump. All of them built incredibly successful companies. Not one of them went bankrupt – even once. And not one of them was staked to a $1 million loan or a $200 million inheritance. In that company Trump is a slacker.

And what of the water, beef, magazine, airline, etc. Let’s see the tax returns for those businesses. And let’s see Trump’s. As long as he doesn’t release them, Clinton can paint him as faking his wealth, or imply he’s a cheap bastard who gives nothing to charity. Remember the snit-show, anti-debate rally for veterans he hosted? His campaign has already admitted it can’t account for $3 million in donations.

I’m sure Donald will demand that Hillary publishes the transcripts of her speeches to the big banks. But I can’t imagine there are any bombshells in them. I’m guessing she just didn’t want to give Sanders the satisfaction of pushing her around.

Trump will attack Clinton for being a woman. In return expect a lot of Chelsea and Grandma stuff. She’s not going to run away. Against Obama she had to be careful not to get tangled up in race. Against Trump, there is nothing to hold her back. No sacred cows. No ‘PC’ considerations. And there are many Americans – not just women – salivating to see her do it.



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