May 2016

Politicians famously promise the moon to the ever gullible voter and then not deliver. Donald Trump promises things to the electorate – when he already knows he will do the opposite. An attendee at Trump’s powwow with Paul Ryan says Trump assured Ryan he would cut social security if he were President – in complete contrast to his promise to the voters that he would preserve it as it stands. Rubbing salt in the wound, he said that he was for cutting Social Security on moral grounds.

Trump floated the idea that he would reduce America’s national debt by renegotiating terms. That works when you threaten bankruptcy or there are better terms available – like a homeowner refinancing a mortgage.

But America already enjoys the best possible rates because investors trust we will honor our debts. Apparently, Trump believes that it would be better for the country if we were more like Venezuela. He is either cynical, insane or stupid.

He promises his acolytes tougher negotiations with the Chinese, Mexicans and other trading partners. But the trade deficit is primarily driven by private business and has nothing to do with national governments. He could lobby for tariffs. But that just makes things more expensive for Americans. And our trading partners won’t just roll over.

Nor will his policies create jobs in America. Gospel has it that America doesn’t make things anymore. But we make more than we ever have. We just don’t use labor to make it.

And while he is running as labor’s best friend he has said the minimum wage is too high.

cartoonHe promises tax cuts for the middle class and more taxes for the wealthy. However, his plan calls for the same ‘crumbs for most, caviar for the rich’ tax reduction strategy that conservatives have been promoting since 1980 – which has done nothing for the economy except explode the deficit and shower gifts on the very richest.

Trump has positioned himself as a friend to veterans. But he has lied about his fundraising for them. More damaging, he has twice petitioned the city to prohibit veterans from selling geegaws around Trump Tower in New York City – a right they have had since 1890. He thinks these valiant warriors (he wouldn’t know about that) are cluttering the place up. And he says he is a supporter of POWs – a breathtaking absurdity given his dismissal of John McCain’s captivity.

He made hay with his claim that he would ‘self-fund’ and be beholden to none. Now he is soliciting cash. He’s not a whore; he just has sex for money.

He has excused all of this waffling with an odd claim for someone who theoretically is telling the voters what he actually believes:

“Look, anything I say right now, I’m not the president. Everything is a suggestion, no matter what you say, it’s a suggestion.”

The beginning of a negotiation I suppose. It is possibly the first time a politician has taken both sides of an issue and then insisted that he doesn’t support either one.

He calls Bill Clinton a rapist but had invited Bill to his wedding. He calls Mexicans rapists but hires them to work at Mar a Lago.

His biggest trick may be that this life-long social liberal is now running as a conservative.

It is a political campaign written by Lewis Carroll.





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