To a Christian, Floods Exist Because God Is an Irrational Homophobe.

by Pitt Griffin on August 20, 2016 · 0 comments

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“Everything must be taken into account. If the fact will not fit the theory – let the theory go.” ― Agatha Christie

‘Family’ is a synonym for ‘homophobe’. Not all the time – just when used in the name of ‘Christian’ Groups. Some examples: “Focus on the Family”, “American Family Association”, “Family Research Institute”, “World Congress of Families”, and “The Family Research Council”. The last one is headed by the usual flavor of Christian bigot, Tony Perkins. We’ll get to him in a minute.

What many zealots, who belong to these groups, and their fellow travelers in the homophobes’ crusade, have in common is the belief that natural disasters are God’s way of expressing his displeasure with the sexual immorality rife in the US. The evilest sin being, of course, gay sex and by extension the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Let’s have a look at this claim.

It seems odd that God no longer writes things down. The Ten Commandments were handed to Moses on two stone tablets. His meaning was clear and biblical literalists could replicate God’s dictates in all manner of mediums. But now God has reverted to a heavier, blunter tool – flooding. The Bible says that God promised there would be no more ‘biblical floods’.

To whit: Genesis 9:11 “I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.”

Which brings us to Louisiana. After Hurricane Katrina, there was discussion among the Christian extremists as to the cause of God’s wrath. Possibilities included legalized abortion, not enough attention given to the War on Terror, pre-marital sex, and the old chestnut – gays. Let televangelist Rick Joyner speak for the hate community, “Hurricane Katrina was God’s way of punishing gay people”.

Let me be frank. I do not believe in the Christian God. But I do believe in logic. So let’s pull apart this nonsense. If God’s intention was to punish gays, then Hurrican Katrina can only be described as a terrorist act. When America fights its enemies, we do it with an eye to minimizing the loss of innocent life. By any standard, God should have better aim than man. So for Him to be so indiscriminate speaks to an ISIS-like disregard of human life.

New Orleans is, without a doubt, a hotbed of hedonism, but as a gay Mecca, it pales compared to Fire Island, NY; Provincetown, MA; and Key West, FL – all coastal as well. So why didn’t God direct his climatic choler there? It raises the question of God’s aim in general.

The liberal states of California (forest fires), Washington (volcanoes) and Massachusettes (blizzards) have their share of natural disasters. But the majority of nature’s catastrophes affect states with a greater than average devotion to the Divine. ‘God’s country’ is a dangerous place to live.

Besides his aim, God’s honor must also be questioned. How does a bigot explain the current fatal deluge in Louisiana in light of God’s promise to quit with the flooding? Bible literalists will argue that God promised not to destroy the Earth and that while the floods in the Pelican State have been severe, they haven’t been Earth-destroying.

But let’s listen to Tony Perkins (I told you we would get back to him). He described the events in Louisiana as a flood of ‘biblical’ proportions. The evangelicals really should get on the same page – or at least agree on the definition of terms.

Perkins is well qualified to rate the severity of the event. This man of God has felt God’s wrath. He, among thousands of others, lost his house in the flood. What lesson should Perkins learn from this? Either that God hates bigots or that there is no God interfering in the affairs of man.

The answer is plain. There is no busy-body God. Natural events are random, capricious and the product of nature’s laws. The ‘no-God’ hypothesis makes the blight of disease, war, famine, and childhood cancer so much more understandable. It is beyond comprehension that a benevolent God would allow such agony.

If there is no God, then the moral code presented in his name is not a celestial dictate, but merely the bestial gruntings of hate-filled minds. And with the wisdom of the playground I ask: ” Who elected them king?”

Tony, take the opportunity to stop worrying about whom total strangers are marrying – go rebuild your house. And be well.



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