Donald Trump Thinks he’s a Tough Guy, But He Acts Like a Scared Little Boy

by Pitt Griffin on August 13, 2016 · 0 comments

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“The only way we can lose in my opinion — I really mean this — in Pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on.” – Donald Trump

Toddlers aren’t comfortable with admitting fault. They will point a finger at others or just deny that any ‘crime’ exists. But mature adults will accept responsibility – often classically with a “mea culpa” or in slang “my bad”.

Donald Trump has not achieved that maturity. Nothing is ever his fault. He is already laying the groundwork for excusing his election failure. His favored claim is that the election will be rigged. A ridiculous assertion. Rigging an American presidential election would require the collusion of thousands – from different parties. The courts would have to agree to the malfeasance. And every one of these bad actors would have to keep quiet.

To give any credibility to election rigging, Trump will have to explain away his disastrous polling. It is absurd to claim cheating when all the polls showed you were losing before the voters voted. Trump is trying. He claims the polls must be fixed because he has oodles more people at his rallies than Clinton does.

So what? We don’t know even know if they are registered voters. Intend to vote. Or even plan to vote for Trump.

But back to rigged elections. Trump warned about voter fraud during a rally in Altoona, PA. He alerted his fans to potential misbehavior, “We don’t want to see people voting five times, folks. We have to be very careful.” However, as the latest poll has Hillary up by 11% in Pennsylvania, rigging the election would be superfluous.

And then there is the media.

To conservatives, it is Gospel that the media is just the marketing arm of the Democratic party. For Trump, however, to rail against the media is as disingenuous as his complaints about polls. When he was blowing up the GOP primary field and was in first place in the polls, he loved them. Now he is losing, he hates them. But the same folk are still reporting and polling – it’s not their fault Trump is in a tail-spin.

Trump is also taking pot shots at the debates, raising the possibility he will skip them. He thinks the calendar is suspicious with two of the three contests up against NFL games. Although why that should benefit Clinton he doesn’t explain. Trump takes the timing as a personal slight, although the dates were set by an apolitical panel, a year ago, before anyone knew he would be the GOP candidate.

If the times alone are not enough evidence of cheating there is always the issue of the impartiality of the moderators. In Trump’s opinion, “I’d just like to see a fair moderator, that’s all I’m looking for, you know. If you’re a Republican and a conservative , you get very unfair treatment – look at what the New York Times said yesterday, they practically admitted it”.

He doesn’t say what the New York Times said so, as usual, we’ll have to take his word for it.

This whining about cheating has riled up the true believers. There is harumphing from the La-Z-Boys. Pat Buchanan ominously warns of a Hillary victory, “would that not suggest there is something fraudulent about American democracy, something rotten in the state?” Further, he says it will usher in an “American Spring”.

That dream of mayhem may be safely discarded. Trump’s supporters are way too old for violent revolution – or revolution of any kind. The Tea Party may have been pissed off, but they weren’t about to risk their Social Security and Medicare.

And as always Ann ‘click-bait’ Coulter, had some stupidity to spew – writing that Trump is the victim of “media rape”. Her complaint is that the media has the temerity to report what Trump says – after making him say it.

Irrational, stupid, self-pitying and paranoid? Of course. That’s the DNA of the Trump campaign.



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