Really? 8.18.16 Trump’s Fake Health Letter; Dickless in Plaster; Pat Robertson Drools.

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Donald Trump is having problems. But not to worry he has a strategy. The most dishonest politician in living memory has impugned “crooked Hillary’s” own veracity – repeatedly. Unfortunately for him, the Republicans have been throwing so much dirt at her – for so long – more mud is not noticeable. The American voter has already decided where they are on the “Hillary’s a liar” spectrum.

So Trump’s new attack is on Hillary’s health. Once again he is leveling charges against her that are better leveled against him. While Hillary has released her medical records, Trump has only released a letter from the family gastroenterologist attesting to Trump’s astonishingly good health.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 7.11.28 PM

Like every other Trump disclosure, it has failed to meet basic standards. Medical professionals have scorned the letter as an incompetent, unprofessional, even unmedical assessment of Trump’s health.


Donald Trump is a 70-year-old man who eats a lot of fast food. He doesn’t sleep much. And he has trouble remembering what lies he has told. It can be said of him that he has no problem taking sides – he, in fact, takes all of them.

Even his ill-fitting suits can’t hide the fact that the Trump physique is fleshy, puffy even. While he has a Nixonian dislike of showing any flesh, an artist(s) have imagined him as the Emperor without clothes.

Five cities – New York, LA, San Francisco, Cleveland, and Seattle have had a statue of a naked Trump prominently installed. Don’t look if you’re eating.



Adding to his attacks on her physical health, Trump has layered in attacks on her mental health. Again it has to be considered ‘projection’ – in which you assign your own faults to others.

But as ridiculous as Trump questioning other people’s sanity, it rises to the level of absurdity when Pat Robertson does so. But where angels fear to tread morons readily go so there’s Robertson opining that Clinton’s “got some neurological impairment.”

Pat has been wandering off into the long grass for so long he makes Ben Carson look like a scholar. (h/t Right Wing Watch)




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