Bigotry’s A-Team. A Roster of Hate, Ignorance & Intolerance

by Pitt Griffin on September 7, 2016 · 0 comments

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Bigotry is fundamental to the American experience. Reactionary ‘Christianity is its cloak. Next weekend, some of these unholy people will meet in Washington, DC. for the Orwellian named ‘Value Voters Summit’ (VVS). They will take the opportunity to kiss the bigot-in-chief’s ring – Donald Trump if you couldn’t guess. Here are some of the movement’s ‘leading’ lights.

Tony Perkins

photoThe ‘Family Research Council’ (FRC) is the primary sponsor of the VVS. Tony Perkins is the FRC’s President. Few are as vocally mean-spirited. He has compared homosexuality to alcoholism and claimed it leads to pedophilia.

Further, he claims that gay rights activists are plotting a holocaust against Christians – complete with allusions to boxcars. He is blind to the irony that it was Christin Nazis who deported gays to the camps.

As usual with homophobe activists, he sees natural disasters as God’s punishment for equal marriage rights – which invited ridicule when the August 2016 floods in Louisiana destroyed Perkins’s house.

Peter Sprigg

Sprigg is another of the FRC’s brigade of bigots. He has suggested that gays be ‘exported‘ and that homosexual behavior be criminalized. He has also voiced support for Uganda’s anti-gay laws – which once mandated the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality” – since reduced to a mere life sentence.

James Dobson

Dobson is one of bigotry’s leading lights. founded both the FRC and the ‘Focus on Family’ (every time you see ‘family’ in the name of one of these groups, substitute ‘homophobe’). He blamed the Sandy Hook massacre on abortion and marriage equality. And he believes that Donald Trump has accepted Jesus. That he was now, in fact, a “baby Christian” who “doesn’t have a clue about how believers think, talk and act.”

Trump kn0ws ‘believers’ only too well. He’s very aware how well his bigotry, racism, misogyny and xenophobia go over with the rabid reactionaries.

Phil Robertson

Also a native Louisianan, Phil Robertson is pater familias of the Duck Dynasty family of nutters. He believes that recognizing gay marriage has lead to 160,00 murders in the US. In addition, he trots out the homosexuality is the same as bestiality meme. That blacks never had it so good as they did under Jim Crow. That liberals are worse than Satan led Nazis. And that the media is controlled by Satan.

Michele Bachmann

Men tend to make more headlines at the bigots’ ball than women. But there is always the indefatigable Michele Bachmann. Her concern is that gays – and Planned Parenthood’s mutilation of fetuses – will bring about End Times. (And I thought that was a thing Christians looked forward to).

She also worries about ‘one world government’ and the if Obama is the Anti-Christ – especially in light of Obamacare’s establishment of ‘death panels‘.

Todd Starnes.

Starnes is a conspiracy theorist of such high order he makes the rest of the purveyors of paranoia at Fox News look sane(ish). He believes that Obama “is importing Muslims and deporting Christians. He claims that Obama is gay. And he believes that schools resist abstinence only sex-ed to protect their “condom profits“.

David Barton.

This self-proclaimed historian styles himself ‘Doctor’ because he has an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Pensacola Christian College. Sorry, not a doctor. His historiography is an equally big lie. His books have been looked at favorably by the likes of Mike Huckabee, Michele Bachmann, and Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas – not a collection of intellectual giants. 

Barton has no formal training in History – so it is unsurprising that a critic slammed Barton’s books and videos as full of “embarrassing factual errors, suspiciously selective quotes, and highly misleading claims.” What is surprising is that the critic was Jay W. Richards, a senior fellow at the Christian conservative Discovery Institute.


There are far more examples. But let’s limit the ugliness. There is a darkness in the soul of conservatives. It promotes hate, fear, paranoia and a disdain for facts. I also wonder why these men are so obsessed with gay sex.

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