Does President Trump Worry Democrats or Republicans More?

by Pitt Griffin on September 29, 2016 · 0 comments

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Trump’s debate.

Trump has made progress in the polls. His new management team has kept him relatively on message. His speeches have been more coherent. Republicans who had held him at arm’s length warmed to the idea that their candidate might win. The Senate looked safer. And the #NeverTrump movement became marginalized. Then he debated.

What effect Trump’s poor showing will have on his chances nobody knows. Reliable sources unanimously granted Hillary the victory, but that may make no difference to the vote. There are 40 days and two more debates to move the needle.

What Trump’s debate performance did reveal was his utter unreadiness to be President. Should he win, the GOP has to pray for four years that he won’t destroy their brand. The party bosses fondest wish is that that they hold Congress – and Hillary wins the White House.

The GOP will block any positive Clinton policy – while they try to blame her for everything negative (see the last eight years). There is an inevitable economic reversal in the future. And it is reasonable to expect a terrorist attack in the US. The next President – and his/her party – will get the blame.

President Trump.

The GOP cannot afford to have a President Trump presiding over a cratering economy and mayhem on the streets. After all, he sold himself as the candidate who would create prosperity and keep America safe. Bush left office with a nation in economic tatters. The GOP can’t afford another debacle.

President Trump and the politics of hate.

President Trump and the politics of hate.

His effect will not be in the day-to-day running of government. Trump views himself as the Chairman of the Board, not the CEO. He has no interest in details or policy. I suspect he would spend more time at home than at the White House. Airforce One is unlikely to satisfy his need for gold-plating. I can’t see him traveling the world for face-to-faces with second-tier world leaders. And he will make Obama’s golf habit look like a tic.

The GOP knows that Trump cannot go four days – let alone four years – without an ad hominem. Will they be able to keep him off twitter? Probably not. As Anthony Weiner shows, social media can be a debilitating addiction.

Trump may not drink, but he has the temperament of the neighborhood drunk. He has no inhibitions – and none of the social graces that lubricate political life. Although today’s polarized Washington may have rendered the latter superfluous.

Republicans have lowered the standards of political discourse, but even they do not personally attack members of the same party. Trump is the antithesis of Reagan’s 11th commandment: “Thou shalt speak no ill of another Republican”.

And then there is the 2018 elections. What if there an economic reversal or a terrorist attack and Trump is fiddling (on Twitter) as America burns? Surely there must be a point at which Republican voters say: “No more. We cannot continue to be the party of stupid. We can’t  just vote for ‘straight talkers’, ‘white firsters’ – there has to be some minimum level of competence”.

Of course, dispassionate observers thought George W Bush had failed to meet that standard. Then Sarah Palin made a presidential ticket. Not to be outdone, a plethora of GOP congressional candidates have spewed a staggering amount of ignorance. Rarely with any damage to their political career. Witness how many are loose in DC.

Republicans institutionalized racism, sexism, xenophobia, and ignorance. At some point, they will have to face up to their sins – as the Catholic Church did when it finally took action against its epidemic of child rape.



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