Trump Couldn’t Be Bothered to Study.

by Pitt Griffin on September 27, 2016 · 0 comments

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Donald Trump believes the road to the White House is paved with insults. Doing the work needed to prepare for a debate – let alone the presidency – is beyond him. He knows little. He isn’t ready to learn more. And he is convinced that he knows better than people who have been studying their specialty for a lifetime.

Trump’s choice of advisors is also a liability. He listens to people who flatter him and echo what he wants to hear. Great leaders have the confidence to pick people who won’t ‘yes’ them. A successful administration is usually a team of rivals. But Trump’s thin skin and constant need for approbation won’t allow that.

Knowing things is confusing for pundits as well. Naysayers accused Hillary Clinton of being ‘overprepared’ which is like being told you are too rich. Trump voters may take solace in ignorance. They may mistake bluster for policy and confuse word salad with strength. But the American people deserve better than hot air.

photoRepublican political candidates are not the brightest. It seems that intelligence is a turn-off to the conservative voter. Ronald Reagan was no intellectual and Bush Jr. boasted of being a poor student. The McCain/Palin ticket may have been the dumbest on record. And Bush Sr. – who actually knew stuff – picked a man who couldn’t spell potato as his running mate. Mitt Romney was pretty smart – but he lost.

Trump outranks his predecessors in dumb because he is intellectually lazy. He doesn’t read. He doesn’t study. Trump may not sleep much, but when he’s awake, he doesn’t achieve much.

He can not make his mind up on where he stands on issues. Smart people ‘evolve’ – note Obama and Clinton’s gradual acceptance of gay marriage – but Trump had three different positions on abortion in 24 hours.

Trump’s mental qualities are also suspect. The ghost writer of ‘The Art of the Deal’ revealed Trump has difficulty concentrating. He is easily distracted – and is only happy when talking about himself. Good politicians will answer the questions they want to answer  – not the ones they’re asked. Trump doesn’t answer the questions he is asked because he has no idea what the answer is.

The same goes for his insults and gratuitous attacks. Beyond his inherent cruelty, these ad hominem forays distract from his ignorance of the issues.

He rarely speaks in complete sentences. Contrast his style to the very prepared Hillary Clinton. He makes sweeping statements. Hillary knows all the facts. Her detractors call her mechanical and cool. I’m not sure why those are considered faults. She is running for President – not an Oscar.

Additionally, Trump bases his claim to competence on his business success. It’s a laughable conceit. He has failed at more businesses than he has succeeded. His bankruptcies are well documented.

His peers do not respect him. He is not considered a major player in New York real estate. His multiple failures and renegotiations have restricted his access to credit. Although, without his tax returns we’ll never know to what extent he’s beholden to foreigners.

Trump doesn’t do meetings. People who work for him know that he’ll tune out after a few sentences. In many ways, he has never grown up. He is still the little boy squirming in a classroom seat. It doesn’t bode well for a Trump presidency.

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