How to Talk to a Conservative – a Primer.

by Pitt Griffin on November 12, 2016 · 0 comments

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“Deregulation is a transfer of power from the trodden to the treading. It is unsurprising that all conservative parties claim to hate big government.” ― George Monbiot

It is hard to have an intelligent conversation with a conservative. After all, he usually believes that man was made from dust – and woman from his rib. You can only believe this sort of codswallop if you think facts are a liberal conspiracy. Unfortunately, it’s hard to reason with this sort of thing head-on. It takes nuance. Allow me to make a suggestion –  don’t disagree with a conservative’s policies. Instead, argue they don’t go far enough.

Here are some talking points.

Take Muslim refugees. We can’t ban just Muslims or refugees. ISIS will quickly recruit non-Muslim and non-refugees. We must bar all non-citizens – including every tourist, businessperson, and student until we get a handle on what’s going on. Or at least until we can figure out on how to vet them properly.

At home, it isn’t enough to target only Muslim communities. The government must direct the FBI – and the NSA and CIA – to monitor Korean, Chinese, Russian, and African neighborhoods. And all the white people who frequent their businesses.

On illegal immigrants, the wall is all well and good – but the expulsion must start immediately. Unfortunately, ICE raids are not enough. We must crack down on people who give jobs to illegals. Fines aren’t sufficient. The CEOs and HR managers who hire them must go to jail.

We can’t exclude small businesses. Nor the homeowners who employ nannies, maids, yard boys and the like. How long a sentence? A month seems reasonable for the first offense.

Nationwide spot-checks on the nation’s highways would help. As would a national identity card.

This crackdown would also improve the job picture, as millions of Americans would find opportunities in agriculture, food processing, construction, and the hospitality trades.

Also, a program of steep tariffs would price the Chinese and other currency manipulators out of the US market. Fifty percent is a good place to start. The steeper prices for American consumers would be more than made up for in the manufacturing jobs created.

We would have to do something about the export jobs we would lose to retaliation. But we’ll figure it out.

On taxes, let’s honor the commitment that everyone has ‘skin in the game’. The ‘takers’ should pay their fair share. Let’s start income tax at the first dollar of income – and get rid of all deductions. Including mortgage interest, local taxes, and charitable deductions.

At the high end, let’s cap income tax at $1 million. Beyond that, taxes shouldn’t constrain entrepreneurs, and other job creators, from economic expansionism.

The government should get out of the regulation business. And the FDIC should stop guaranteeing customers’ deposits. Bank customers don’t need bureaucrats holding their hand. To that end, we should disband the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Why should the government defend the financial interests of the citizen?

Or for that matter why is the government interfering in the food and pharmaceutical industries? Let them cut whatever corners they wish. And should business misbehave – the maimed, poisoned, and dead can seek legal redress.

Let’s take the same budget ax to OSHA and the EPA. The courts are available for the scarred and dismembered – not to mention the victims of dirty water and visible air.

To help reduce the deficit, no state should receive more in federal funds than it sends in taxes to the federal government. The so-called ‘welfare states’ can start pulling their own weight.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.









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