Really? 11.27.16 – Evangelical Is Just a Fancy Way of Saying Hypocrite.

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Louisiana GOPer sexts 17 year-old-boy.

Another political wife stands by her man in what has become a common ritual humiliation.

Another political wife stands by her man in what has become a common ritual humiliation.

“I’m not gay” – so claims Mike Yenni, Parish President of Jefferson Parish, LA. Which raises the question: Why was he sexting a teen boy? Why did he kiss him in a mall bathroom? And why buy him underwear as a gift?

Now his wife, Michelle Swanner, has announced – after praying on it – that she’ll stay married to the hypocrite. She decided, ‘our family will be better together’.

Apparently, a 40 year-old-man flirting with a 17-year-old is not a crime in Louisiana. But morally it is a reprehensible abuse of power. (h/t Daily Mail)

God the physician.

A headline from Charisma News reads. “How God Healed Me from Acid Reflux and Stomach Pain.” I guess He’s working his way up to cancer.

There’s no bigger hypocrite than a religious hypocrite.

Jim Bakker was one of the 1980s most notorious religious con artists. A convicted felon, he served five years for fraud. Bakker paid off Jessica Hahn after she accused him of rape. He didn’t deny the adultery, just the assault. Even Jerry Falwell called him, “a liar, an embezzler, a sexual deviant, and “the greatest scab and cancer on the face of Christianity in 2,000 years of church history”.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-7-25-33-pmBut now this charlatan is back promising that God had told him he was going to punish Hillary voters. He was going to send earthquakes to all the counties that had voted for her. Meanwhile, he’s advertising a $3,500 emergency food supply for doomsday preppers.

Which raises the question: Why would the God-fearing need it? (h/t Right Wing Watch)

Jesus Doesn’t Make the Evangelicals’ Top 10 List.

The oddest thing about the late election is the evangelicals’ devotion to Trump – perhaps the least Christian President of America. It stops being the most bizarre thing when you realize that evangelicals aren’t Christians – they are instead America’s largest white supremacist group.

One of this racist crew celebrates Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Because in this bigot’s estimation Sessions “is a man of towering integrity, a patriot and a public servant who truly is a servant-leader”. 

Let us remember that Sessions is so virulently racist that he was once rejected for a federal judgeship. (h/t Charisma News)

Trump’s swamp overflows.

Mosques in California received a hand-scrawled letter from a Trump-supporting, Christian(?) bigot. Not great.


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