Evangelicals Elect an Unholy Man.

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When I was a boy, I went to schools that were unmistakably Christian. As it was in England, where parents think their children are vaguely criminal and too rambunctious to have underfoot, I was sent away to a low-security detention facility at the age of eight. A place called, in British private educational parlance, a ‘boarding school’.

The authorities permitted the occasional weekend release and three times a year they furloughed young students to parents’ care for extended periods known as ‘holidays’. Which is when our parents showed their love by bundling us away on school trips with our fellow inmates.

The outstanding feature of these schools – and later high schools – was a devotion to things Christian. We studied divinity and regularly attended the school chapel.

History was the story of God’s chosen – in this case the Anglicans – first freeing themselves from the cruel bonds of Roman authoritarianism. Then bringing morality and righteousness to millions of heathens around the world.

This enlightenment was achieved either at the point of a sword – or by the tender ministrations of an enthusiastic busybody who thought that he could ready the unwashed heathen for heaven with a smear of soap, a dollop of hell and a whole lot of Christ’s love.

But underlying all of this imperial charity was the belief that God’s love was eternal and earned by good deeds. The Bible instructed us, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.” Before adding, “But the greatest of these is love”. [First Corinthians 13:13]

Every Sunday the voice in the pulpit lectured at length about the golden rule. The stentorian promised that our good deeds would pave a path to heaven. As Christians, we were obliged to care for the poor, the sick, the lonely, the old, and the criminal. We were to be humble and modest. We were to have faith.

But at no time were we told that our deeds were irrelevant – that the path to eternal bliss was solely through our relationship with Jesus. There was no talk of Armageddon, of end times, of perpetual writhing in the pits of hell. That was a Catholic conceit.

Contrast that with the evangelical flavor of ‘Christianity’. The best description of their novel take is: “Better to have sinned and repented than never to have sinned at all.” To a modern American evangelical, virtuous people are somehow defective. You cannot know Christ until you have consorted with the Devil.

Which is like believing that it is better a car break down and be repaired, than it runs flawlessly from the time it leaves the factory.

Evangelicals cynically use Jesus’ exhortation that only those, who step into the light and are ‘born again’, will be saved. We have all sinned, and churches – both Catholic and Protestant – know they can make money, and accumulate power, by giving sinners an ‘out’.

Let us remember it was "the chief priests and the elders of the people who schemed to arrest Jesus secretly and kill him". [Matthew 26: 3-4]

Let us remember it was “the chief priests and the elders of the people who schemed to arrest Jesus secretly and kill him”.
[Matthew 26: 3-4]

But no one is more explicit than the evangelicals that the only thing a ‘baby Christian’ need do is work on his faith. And by the way, they take him at his word that’s what he’s doing. At least as long as he ponies up a reliable stream of the foldable. Or in Trump’s case, swing open the door to political power.

They do not require the heavy lifting of good deeds. The Beatitudes are an inconvenience. The Good Samaritan might as well have been a rapist. They ignore Jesus’ condemnation of churches as profit centers. Flout Jesus’ admonition that adultery is wrong. And elevate homophobia to grace.

They promote the abomination of the ‘prosperity gospel’ despite Jesus’ instruction that, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” [Matthew 19:21] Not to mention camels and eyes of needles.

And in 2016, American evangelicals have warped their understanding of the Bible to such a degree they elected perhaps the least Christian man to the presidency – ever. All based on his cynical promise that the gay bashing could resume; that it was okay to despise minorities; that you would no longer have to wear the yoke of healthcare.

Evangelicals could again wage war on the environment, the non-Christian, the poor, the sick. Their God-given right to own a gun would be sacrosanct, no matter how insane or prone to wife-beating they were.

Walls would keep the colored hoards at bay. The country bleached back to whiteness. The State of Israel would expand to its biblical limits – ushering in the Rapture. God would judge all. Elevate right-thinking Christians. Find bad Christians wanting. And usher non-Christians (including the poor deluded Jews) to their just deserts – in the hotter place.

Which raises the question, how can Evangelicals wear the mantle of Christianity when their faith is so evidently at odds with all that Jesus preached of regard for others and self-abasement? How could they claim to be followers of Christ when they so easily ignored his concern for the less fortunate?

The answer is obvious. Evangelicals aren’t Christian. They are, in fact, America’s largest white supremacist group. Allies to nationalists. Patrons to racists. And exemplars of all that is unholy.




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