The Bible, a Poor Use of Technology.

by Pitt Griffin on December 15, 2016 · 0 comments

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“The Bible has noble poetry in it… and some good morals and a wealth of obscenity, and upwards of a thousand lies.” ― Mark Twain

The base nature of the human race is revealed by how it uses its technology. It is a well-acknowledged truth that every technological advance is judged in part by its potential utility as a weapon.

We had an atomic bomb before we had nuclear power. The first jet powered aircraft was a fighter. And while some doctors strive to find cures for disease other scientists simultaneously work on weaponizing it.

The internet brought knowledge to users’ fingertips. But rather than use the availability of information to make better decisions, fake news and rancid memes exploded. And when not eagerly believing lies we share cat videos, surf porn and buy crap.

A similar deplorable debasement of technology greeted the invention of writing. Bronze age man used this marvel to write down stories of superstition, larded with pointless laws and warnings of eternal damnation for a bit of mutually enjoyable slap and tickle. We churned out religious texts. It was bad enough that ignorant bronze-agers thought the Bible stories were literally true. But it is absurd that so many people use these primitive jottings as a modern science text.

It might have ended well if the West had grown up and put away childish things. But the power-hungry and shallow thinkers used the Bible even today to ruin innocent people’s lives.

photoAnd what to make of those poor deluded people who think this expression of primeval ignorance is applicable to modern science. Forty percent of modern Americans believe that the biblical story of creation is literally true. That the universe sprung forth fully formed in a mere six days by the dint and sweat of a supernatural being.

These facile philosophers argue ‘where’s the harm in teaching the controversy’. I challenge them thus: When the creationists sort out whose creation myth is the right one, we can debate scientific versus religious cosmogony.

I can safely say that the religious will never find common ground. Therefore the controversy will remain parochial. And while religion throws mud, science will continue to discover truths that unite the scientific community.

Why do people cling to this Bronze Age rot? The answer is rooted in a weakness of the human mind. We believe in superstitions. Look how many faithfully believe that the arrangement of the stars on their birthday predicts their character and personality. It’s asinine. Consider how many twins turn out so different from each other.

Religion is nothing more than a superstition foisted on poor unsuspecting children, far too young to think critically. And this injury to children’s intellectual development is perpetrated by their parents. Imagine the outrage if parents fed children addictive drugs from before the age of consent.

Once parents have inculcated religion into these defenseless minds, other adults reinforce the damage with solemn promises of eternal damnation if the kid crosses an angry, insecure and capricious God. Soon these youth find themselves in large buildings, with fellow victims, listening to a yelling man, who is waving a book around while he harangues them.

Sometimes the building isn’t so large. The man doesn’t aways yell. But the underlying message is the same. You’re a worthless piece of flotsam conceived in sin, with the sword of Damocles – in the form of a large hot place – suspended above them.

Why would adults, who claim to be on the right side of kindness, scare the living daylights out of their congregations? Why are they so determined to keep their flocks so ignorant? Why are reason and open discussion so anathema to them? The short answer is money.

These religious hypocrites, who invariably commit the sins they warn against, are cajoling the suckers to hand over some of their hard-earned foldable. By all means, throw in a couple of bucks if you enjoy the show. But these charlatans aren’t satisfied with an honest crust. No, they get on television and convince the needy to fork over the small amount of cash they have.

You would have thought that they would honor the memory of their boy, Jesus, by emulating the way he lived. Oh no – no such deprivations for them. They’ll take the cash. Aren’t they worried about the wealthy, eyes of needles, camels, heaven and such? Of course not. They know the Bible is all a big hoax.



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