Creation Science Is an Oxymoron

by Pitt Griffin on December 7, 2016 · 0 comments

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“Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt.” ― Richard Feynman

Biblical creationists believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. And as such proves that God created man and all flora and fauna in their current form. What an exercise in magical thinking. However, it is not my aim to address the scientific absurdity of that proposition –  but rather shine a light on some of the strange ‘proofs’ offered for the claim’s validity.

To creationists, the fact that the Bible is the most printed book of all time is compelling evidence of its ‘truth.’ However, that is to confuse quantity with quality. More people eat McDonald’s than any other restaurant food – but that is hardly proof that the Big Mac is the world’s best hamburger.

Another offering in support of the Bible’s superiority is the claim that the West historically clung to Christian values. In the first place, the argument is pure distraction. A person’s choice on how to lead his life is one thing – scientific truth is another. How they are related is anyone’s guess.

Secondly, the values expressed in Christianity are hardly unique to Christianity. Whole swathes of the planet use similar value systems – without the benefit of any biblical knowledge. The golden rule, for instance, is well-nigh universal.

Lastly, if creationists want to impress on others the superior morality of Christianity, they have to account for the values of the Inquisition’s auto-da-fé and the enthusiastic persecution of witches. Not to mention the countless wars fought over the correct way to worship God.

In fact, Christians can’t even agree on whether it is believing something – or doing something – that is the road to salvation. Catholics put their faith in deeds. On the other hand, evangelicals believe that words speak louder than actions. To them, if you are ‘born again’ and swear fealty to the Christ, you are pretty much free to do what you want.

Despite this inconsistency, creationists insist that the Bible is a science text. Let’s examine that claim.

First off, the Bible was written between 1,450BC and AD100. And it shows. Nowhere in the Bible is there any explicit mention of something the people of the biblical lands didn’t know. For some reason, God chose to keep the mystery of the rest of his creation to himself. This biblical limitation has left creationists in the awkward position of trying to pour new wine into old wineskins. It doesn’t work well.

For instance, the Bible accounts for the creation of the earth, and a greater and lesser light – the sun and the moon. But God didn’t see fit to mention the other planets. And in His creation, only the stars visible from Earth existed. The trillions of other stars are unremarked.

The list of living things is also incomplete – ferns and fungus go unmentioned as well as all microscopic life – not to mention atomic structure and quantum mechanics.

The Bible doesn’t display any greater scientific knowledge than the average 11-year-old. Errors abound. Leviticus lists bats as birds. And on the subject of Leviticus, its list of medical procedures makes medieval blood-letting look space-age.

Whatever. Evangelicals bob and weave their way through the stupidity. They fall back on ‘prophecy’ as the ultimate proof of the Bible’s validity. Things predicted in the beginning, come true in the end, QED. Well duh. If I were writing the sequel to a book I’d make damn sure it was consistent with what came before.

In 1931, 14 members of the ‘Detection Club’, including Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, G. K. Chesterton, et al, wrote a book called “The Floating Admiral”. Each writer was assigned a chapter. They had to develop on a mystery outlined in the previous chapters. They had no idea what would happen next, but they had to account for everything that happened before.

The finished book is seamless. Yet 13 of the 14 writers had no idea what was coming next. But all of them knew what had been written before their turn. The Bible was written the same way.

Science is dynamic. Knowledge expands. However, progress is uneven – look at the Dark Ages in Europe or the Muslim world today. Whenever religion is ascendant, science takes a back seat. Only when unshackled from superstition does science advance. It is a collaborative effort by many – who are dead keen to prove others wrong.

No scientist would dream of defending the Theory of Evolution by saying it must be true – because Darwin put it on paper. No, the truth of evolution was established by thousands of scientists trying to find errors in it. However, every subsequent discovery in genetics, DNA, plate tectonics, radiometric dating, etc has confirmed the Theory. No fossil has ever been found in the ‘wrong’ place.

The Creationists have tried to ‘prove’ the truth of their hypothesis by poking holes in Evolution – so far without success. And their big evidence for their claim is that they have a book.


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