The Electoral College Had One Job. It Failed.

by Pitt Griffin on December 19, 2016 · 0 comments

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So now that the Electoral College has given its imprimatur to Donald Trump’s presidency, we have to accept that the Founders’ machinations to prevent the election of an unqualified man to be President have been thwarted. Hamilton, in particular, believed that the Electoral College would provide a bulkhead against the passions of the unwashed masses.

Instead – in a prime example of the law of unintended consequences – the Electoral College has ushered in a manifestly unprepared man to the presidency. A man who, not only lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes, but whose prospects were enhanced by the interference of a foreign power in an American election.

The Electoral College could have honored its responsibilities – which are to weigh the merits of the candidates and vote for the best one. But, ignoring its sacred charge in the election process, it went ahead and rubber-stamped the ascension of a dangerously ignorant man, who has shown neither the ability – nor even much desire – to do the job.

Not that it would have made much difference. Under the rules, a lack of a majority in the Electoral College throws the decision to the House of Representatives. With the Republicans holding a majority of the states’ delegations therein, it is unlikely that Trump would fail to get his promotion.

The Founders’ fervent desire was to design a system in which the best people picked the best people for positions of public trust and responsibility and trust. The 2016 election has shown the noble experiment to be an abject failure.

But it was a failure authored by more people than just the Electoral College. The media has dithered. It has let itself be cowed into obeisance. The latest evidence of the forelock tugging is a photograph of their simpering admiration of the great man at his southern command – Mar-a-Lago. Have they no shame? Here is a man who called them ‘extremely dishonest’ and ‘outrageous’  – but rather than taking umbrage, this shameless slew of sycophants has broken bread with their abuser.

The Democrats have waffled. The rank and file have uttered sporadic harumphs – but no chorus of opprobrium.  Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that he could probably work with Trump – at least on some issues. I suppose they think they are hedging their bets. But Republicans have shown time and again that they will not work with Democrats.

President Obama – the king of cool – should be hot at the prospect of his dismantled legacy. But he has taken the same high road that he has his entire presidency. When the Democrats needed a barroom brawler, they got an Oxford Union debater.

But those with the greatest power to withstand and tame the Trumpery have fallen dutifully in line. Erstwhile opponents such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have rolled on their backs to have their tummies tickled. The congressional Republicans have decided that a Russian hijack of our election is no more than a bit of Slavic naughtiness.

The matter that Trump may be fatally compromised by his byzantine business deals is given no thought. His casual embrace of diplomacy by twitter is of no evident concern. His promotion of family to positions of confidentiality goes unremarked.

In short, the Democrats lack the balls to fight. The Republicans put party before country. And the media are the kids who were bad at sports at school – and proud of it.



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