Republicans Have the Impulse Control of Drunk Teens.

by Pitt Griffin on January 6, 2017 · 0 comments

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In the 1770s, chaffing under the yoke of English oppression, the American revolutionaries stated their grievances and rose against an oppressive power. They took up arms, broke their shackles, and fought.

And while they fought, the intellectuals and politicians hammered out a roadmap to a new nation. They had a plan. That, my friends, is how you do revolution.

What you don’t do is smash everything – with no idea of what you are going to do next. Unfortunately, that’s the extent of current Republican thinking.

Take healthcare. Republicans want to repeal Obamacare. And replace it. With what? They don’t know. Trump says it will be something ‘terrific’. Whatever that means. We’ve been talking about Obamacare for nine years. It’s been the law for seven. And still the Republicans have no replacement. What are they waiting for?

Where’s the vaunted conservative brain trust? They have think tanks littering the landscape. But none of them have anything. Really? At some point (we passed it long ago) it gets embarrassing.

Then there’s commerce. Trump wants the TPP trade pact ripped up – and replaced with some great negotiation. With whom? Don’t say the Chinese; they’re not part of TPP. I doubt Trump knows who the signatories are.

Ironically, in this case, the congressional GOP doesn’t want the TPP shelved. Not because they have no replacement. That wouldn’t deter them. No, it’s because their corporate sponsors favor it. Life is easy when the rampaging bull is smashing what you want smashed – but life is not so happy when the bull goes rogue.

photoActually, the bull is always rogue. It’s just not so noticeable when the bull is charging in the same direction as you are.

How about international relations? The US will no longer fund the UN because it said some harsh words about the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Unexplained is exactly how a diminished or ‘disappeared’ UN is going to help the Israelis. Wasn’t it the UN arms inspections that kept Saddam from developing WMDs?

What if Iran does develop a nuclear bomb? Are we going to attack them unilaterally? The Chinese and Russians would love that. In fact, they must be wondering what luck gave them the perfect President for their purposes. An ignorant, smug, narcissistic, know-nothing – who lacks the training, temperament, nuance and attention span to navigate America through the shoals of international realpolitik.

Consider the clumsy, ham-handed approach to our painstakingly crafted security arrangements. Trump has threatened to let our NATO allies twist in the wind if they aren’t up to date on their bills. Does he think they’ll just hope for the best if America doesn’t have their back? They will have emissaries in Moscow before the ink is dry on the termination notice.

Trump listens to the sweet nothings that Putin coos in his ear and is satisfied the Russian strongman is quiescent. He is deluded. Putin is a master of the Soviet long-game. Nationalism is in fashion in Eastern Europe.

Does Trump want to be remembered as the President who presided over the reconstruction of the Warsaw Pact? Too much? Maybe, but considering Trump’s incompetence, we can expect a broken Europe with no American plan of aid.

Of course, Trump and the Republicans have their sycophants and apologists. These poor fools are like the battered wife who believes her abuser when he says he won’t do it again.

The saddest irony is that Republicans advertise themselves as the party of fiscal responsibility. But their ill-considered demolition is expensive. Take healthcare. Repealing Obamacare would add trillions to the national debt unless the GOP had a better plan. If the GOP had a plan, we could judge if it might lower the national debt. But they don’t. So it won’t.

I could go on – but you get my point.


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