Milo Yiannopoulos Discovers the Conservative Swamp Does Have a Bottom.

by Pitt Griffin on February 21, 2017 · 0 comments

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Milo Yiannopoulos is a smug, self-satisfied bomb-thrower. His anti-social antics got him banned from Twitter. He enjoys smearing feminists and – despite being gay himself – the gay lifestyle. His stick-in-the-eye nihilism appeals to Trump voters and others entertained by lowest common denominator diatribes couched as “anti-PC” rants.

There is no evidence he supports a particular philosophy except one of self-benefit, fueled by casting the usual right-wing tropes in front of the easily entertained. He has a whiff of Ann Coulter when she was fresh. Coulter, however, did it better. She knew where the line was. Milo does not.

Yiannopolous has done well. He has worked his way up in conservative regard to the point of becoming a senior editor at – the house organ for the Trump administration. He was selected to be the keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – a prestigious right wing love-in. And he threatened to break into the mainstream with a Simon & Schuster book deal – that paid him at least $250,000.

Then a video of him promoting pederasty turned up. He made the ritual excuses – but it turns out that even the cess-pit that is alt-right conservatism has its standards. His invite to titillate conservatives at CPAC was withdrawn. Simon & Schuster deep-sixed his book. And Breitbart staffers threatened a walk-out if the dyed turd wasn’t dismissed.

Of course, he has his defenders. Julian Assange – once a warrior for truth, now just another gibbering, reflexive left-basher – accused liberals of celebrating ‘censorship’. Ignoring that it was the CPAC authorities who axed him – finally convinced that his promotion of man-on-boy sex was an ill-fit with their hypocritical claims of moral purity. Their message was clear. It may be fine to starve America’s youth, teach them fairy tales and bar them from healthcare – but there will be no gay diddling on their watch.

Curt Schilling – from bloody sock to bloody-minded – initially sprang to Milo’s defense. Throwing up Lena Dunham, Woody Allen & Roman Polanski’s child molestations (except Allen’s wasn’t) as cover for his boy’s wallowings in depravity. He then watched Milo’s video and gracefully admitted that he had been a jackass and deserved the scorn heaped upon him.

What’s the lesson? The same we should have learned repeatedly – that despite protestations from the ‘family values’ and ‘God makes you good’ crowd, political position is no guarantee of morality. While, on the other hand, that conservatism is a precursor to hypocrisy.

[Update: Yiannopoulos has resigned from Breitbart.]




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