Really? – 2.22.17 – Diversity Is ‘Anti-Trump’?; DeVos Shows Compassion; States Rights (Cynically); Is Gay Marriage Threatened?

by Pitt Griffin on February 23, 2017 · 0 comments

in Politics, Really?

Teachers at Westminster High School displayed posters that celebrated diversity. Featuring women of color they expressed sentiments such as – We the People: “Are greater than fear”, “Protect each other”, and “Defend dignity”. Noble stuff, you would imagine.

However, the school bans political posters in classrooms unless they are part of the curriculum and present ‘both sides’. School administrators declared the posters to be anti-Trump, thus illicit. And demanded they be torn down. Which raises the question, would pro-segregation posters be considered pro-Trump and thus allowed under the ‘both sides’ doctrine?


Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Education Secretary, came to the office burdened by ignorance, lack of preparation and a love for unproductive, for-profit schools – all the time clad in the armor of a Christian soldier dedicated to the establishment of God’s kingdom on Earth. So it was a pleasant surprise to discover she argued against the administration’s callous decision to throw the transgendered under the bus.

Background: Donald Trump scrapped Obama’s directive protecting the rights of transgender students to use the bathroom aligned with their gender. DeVos argued for the right. Jeff Sessions – noted anti-LBGTer – came down on the bigots’ side. DeVos had to give way.


The administration justified their roll-back of transgender rights by saying that sort of thing should be left up to the states. Conservatives also believe that abortion rights and gay marriage should be decided at the state level. However, they believe guns rights and drug policy should be decided at a national level. The ‘States Rights’ argument is specious, cynical and hypocritical. QED.


Momentum is as crucial in politics as it is in sports. Common wisdom had it that conservatives were losing the social value wars. But while Trump may be lagging in the polls, he is the President. And Republicans are dominant in Congress and the states. And they are still fighting hard to restrict abortion rights. Should they make headway, especially if Neil Gorsuch gives them a friendly Supreme Court, they may attack gay marriage with renewed vigor – and God knows where that might end.

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